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Kim Stanley Robinson is an American science fiction writer born in 1952, best-known for his award-winning Mars trilogy — a future history of the colonisation of Mars over the next couple of hundred years. He has written a number of other future / alternate historical novels and his work regularly delves into ecological and sociological themes

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Whatever happened to Hiroko Ai in Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy?

After her disappearance, Sax thought he saw her in a blizzard (or maybe sandstorm), and remains convinced that he really has. But she is never seen by anyone again. What really happened with her?
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Could the terraforming techniques from Red/Blue/Green Mars work on any other planets in our solar system? [closed]

The Red Mars / Green Mars / Blue Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson describes the process of terraforming Mars so that humans could live there. Could those same techniques work on other planets in ...
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Who/what are Kim Stanley Robinson's Influences?

I'm a big fan of Kim Stanley Robinson's books, and as with musical interests, I like to know who their influences are. The problem is this: His work is quite distinct, and I can't find any conceptual ...
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Jezero Crater Anywhere in RGB Mars Trilogy?

Nasa's Perseverance rover landed on Jezero Crater today. Does anyone know whether this particular area appears anywhere in Kim Stanley Robinson's Red/Green/Blue Mars trilogy? I think is somewhat ...
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Have any of the Mars Trilogy mars-based predictions been refuted?

I've read the Mars trilogy a couple of times, and it each time it's seemed like the details of the planet were really precise, but not necessarily accurate. I understand Robinson does a truckload of ...
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Is the method of colonizing Mars in Red Mars realistic? [closed]

How realistic is the method of colonizing Mars in Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson? Specifically, the part in the beginning, with a 4 person crew to visit the planet first, sending crews, etc. Really ...
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Does 2312 take place in the same universe as the Mars Trilogy?

Kim Stanley Robinson's newest novel 2312 shares a lot of themes with his classic Mars Trilogy. Are they set in a shared universe?
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Did Kim Stanley Robinson plan out the entire Mars Trilogy from the start?

All three Mars Trilogy books were all published in a short time frame. Red Mars - 1993 Green Mars - 1994 Blue Mars - 1996 The books are long. The first two weigh in at over 500 pages while the third ...
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Where is the first settlement in Red Mars?

I'm currently reading the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. I'm just in the beginning of the story, they just landed and Nadia just lost her little finger. I'm quite disoriented by the ...
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Is the claim by Kim Stanley Robinson about Carbon Dioxide being poisonous true? [closed]

I've read all 3 books, and loved them except for one small claim that keeps bothering me. Specifically, is Carbon Dioxide as poisonous as we are lead to believe? I always thought that if we were in an ...
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Do the sociological/economic indicators listed in Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson exist?

There was a passage in Blue Mars where Sax Russell listed some sociological/economic indicators for use on Mars. Country Futures Index, Real Value Gauges, Costa Rica Comparisons Do such indicators ...
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In Aurora, why was the shipboard gravity increased to 1.1g?

In Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora: (book ending spoiler)
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What does the end of Kim Stanley Robinson's "Our Town" mean?

Could someone explain to me the ending of Kim Stanley Robinson's short story "Our Town"?
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Do we ever discover who built the town in East Medusa Canyon in Green Mars?

In Kim Stanley Robinson's Green Mars, as Nirgal, Coyote, Spencer and Art return Sax Russell to Gamete after rescuing him from UNTA interrogation, the group discover an unknown, abandoned, settlement ...
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Is 2312 a "post scarcity" society?

In a few places the book suggests that human civilization has moved to a post scarcity stage. This seems to be corroborated by the extensive teraforming projects underway through out the Solar system, ...
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What's reason behind the assassination of John Boone in KSR's Red Mars? [duplicate]

No spoilers in the question, given that it's the first thing the book narrates. We know the reasons the guy who did the deed thought he had to do it. But I'm not really convinced about the motives ...
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