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Krypton is a fictional planet in the DC Universe and the native world of Superman.

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Do Superboy and Krypto have the same weaknesses?

It is well known that Superman loses his powers under a red sun. However, a big plot point in "The Spy from Outer Space" -- an episode of the 1966 cartoon, The Adventures of Superboy -- is ...
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Was there ever a Kryptonian Green Lantern?

The Green Lantern Corps has members from species on planets throughout the universe. At any point was someone from Krypton part of their number?
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What would happen if a human was exposed to the red sun of Krypton? [duplicate]

In most incarnations of Superman, Kryptonians gain their superpowers from exposure to a yellow sun (primarily our own), and do not receive such benefits near their own, red sun-dominated Krypton. Is ...
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Did Krypton have contact with other civilizations? [closed]

In every incarnation of the Superman story I've ever seen (comics, movies, cartoons etc), Krypton is depicted as a technologically and culturally advanced civilization. In some cases it is outright ...
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What is standard Kryptonian food?

What did the kryptonians actually eat while they were living on krypton? I guess, they didn't eat the same things that humans eat.
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Can a kryptonian male and a human female conceive a child while on earth? [duplicate]

Given that it is biologically possible, can it really happen? Won't the act of ejaculation kill the female from immense speed and force?
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Could Kryptonians be descendents of ancient human astronauts?

There have already been multiple hypotheses to explain why humans and Kryptonians look identical from the outside however, I'm interested in the question of whether Kryptonians are actually ...
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Why is Superman's Krypton planet abundant in krypton?

I found this on the Wikipedia page of Krypton: Krypton, a planet in the DC Universe and the native world of Superman, is named after the element krypton, which is abundant in its atmosphere. Does ...
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What color suns has Superman encountered, and what effects did they have on him? [duplicate]

We all know that under a red sun - like Krypton's - Superman is just Regularman, and a yellow sun - like ours - gives him his superpowers. What about other colors? Which colors has he encountered, ...
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Does Superman age the same as us? [duplicate]

Do the Kryptonians have the same life expectancy as humans? Does their life expectancy differ while being on Earth? We see Superman go from childhood to adulthood quite normally but does it mean he ...
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According to comic book canon, how many full scale, full bodied Kryptonian humanoids made it to Earth?

According to comic book canon, how many full scale, full bodied Kryptonian humanoids made it to Earth? Krypto, being non humanoid, of course wouldn't make the list, and neither would any Kandorians (...
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3 votes
2 answers

Superman "Kryptonian" traits vs powers

I was wondering. Most of Superman's powers are a result of his exposure to a yellow sun and get negated when he is exposed to Kryptonite. Are there any Kryptonian traits that are superhuman in any ...
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Why didn't Kryptonians have superpowers on Krypton?

Kara's mum told Kara that she would get superpower under Earth's yellow sun. Also, when Supergirl's powers stopped working, D.E.O. tried to recharge her cells with simulated yellow sun light. It was ...
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How would kryptonite affect a Kryptonian on Krypton? [duplicate]

How would kryptonite affect a Kryptonian on Krypton? I understand it affects Superman on earth as he is a more powerful being in a yellow sun planet and it makes him weaker to a point that all his ...
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Do Kryptonians know about the effect of yellow suns and how did they use it?

Kal-El/Superman has been sent to Earth by his parents to protect him from Krypton's destrucion. On Earth, he develops superpowers and become the Eath's protector. Kryptonians don't have superpowers on ...
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In the Man Of Steel movie where could have the kryptonians gone after being sucked by the black hole?

In the Man Of Steel movie, the way Superman gets rid of the kryptonians aside from General Zod was by having them sucked into a black hole . Now we know after the destruction of Krypton , the phantom ...
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Why, exactly, does kryptonite hurt Superman?

To my understanding, kryptonite is a rock that is from the planet Krypton. Superman is also from planet Krypton. Yet somehow kryptonite weakens Superman and can even kill him. How does this work? Why ...
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How many Kryptonians survived the destruction of Krypton?

Superman is often touted as the "Last Son of Krypton," but that's just all the way not true. (Unless they mean "Final Son of Krypton," as in the last child to be born on the planet, which is an ...
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Did Kryptonians in Man of Steel know they were doomed when they imprisoned Zod?

In Man of Steel: After: So, when they do this, did they know that it was "pointless" because the planet would be destroyed and still did it (in accordance to their laws and traditions, to uphold ...
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Green Lantern Corps and Krypton

I was wondering if the issue of "why the Green Lantern Corps did not do anything to save Krypton" has come up in the DC Universe. I don't really know enough about the Green Lantern mythology to know ...
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