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Questions tagged [krypton-2018]

For questions about the 2018 mini-series "Krypton" produced by the SyFy Channel. Always use in conjunction with the [dc] tag.

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Where did Nyssa-Vex end up after zeta-beaming herself?

In the season 2 finale (episode 10) of Krypton TV series, Nyssa-Vex But, the forbidden zeta-beam device which was hacked by Adam Strange was shown as a quirky device and even Adam Strange wasn't sure ...
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Where does 'Krypton' fit in the DCEU?

The upcoming and highly anticipated mini-series Krypton is due to be released in 2018. Now from the recent trailer, we can see that the set design looks very similar to the Krypton shown in Zack ...
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