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For use in connection with questions about works taking place in the fantasy world of Lankhmar, co-created by Harry Fischer and Fritz Leiber, or about the characters of Fafhrd and the Gray Mauser, who originated in Lankhmar. The Lankhmar stories, written by Leiber, were the prototypical "sword and sorcery" tales, in reference to which Leiber coined the the term.

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What is the significance of the book title "Swords against Death"?

In the introduction to Audible version of Swords against Death by Fritz Leiber, Neil Gaiman states (about 1 minute into the "Opening Credits"): The significance of the title of the book ...
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To what extent were Dungeons & Dragons were-rats based on The Swords of Lankhmar?

Wererats are fairly iconic monsters for Dungeons & Dragons, but they are different in a number of ways from the other "lycanthropes" listed in the game rules. It occurred to me recently that when ...
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Was Leiber's "The Sunken Land" influenced by C. A. Smith's "The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis"?

As I was re-reading "The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis" by Clark Ashton Smith, I noticed some surprising similarities to another fantasy classic, "The Sunken Land," by Fritz Leiber. ...
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Are swords usually referred to as male, or female?

"and drawing Scalpel whistling from her sheath" (Fritz Leiber, Swords Against Wizardry) I was surprised to see the Mouser's blade referred to as "she". No particular reason why, I ...
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