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The Three Laws of Robotics are a set of rules governing robots devised by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov. These three laws are almost always hardwired into each robot in Asimov's works, but many of his works explore the ramifications of the laws and the counter-intuitive behaviors which may be caused by them.

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Are the automatobiles in ‘Sally’ supposed to have the Three Laws?

In Isaac Asimov’s short story Sally, the main technology are self-driving “automatobiles” which are said to have “positronic” brains and intelligence, which would suggest that they are part of the ...
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How did robots overcome the three rules?

I have read Asimov's books and there are the three laws. How did robots overcome this set of rules, seeing Foundation where Demerzel is able to kill. I thought that this happened when they searched ...
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Bishop explains a law of robotics after the "knife game" in which he injures himself -- inconsistent?

It seems to me that Bishop explaining to Ripley the Asimovian law which controls his behavior is not really consistent. Firstly, you could argue that the subject of the game, Paxton's character Hudson ...
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Why is R. Daneel able to approach Dr. Leebig without announcing he is a robot?

I finished reading "The Naked Sun" by Isaac Asimov and cannot figure out why Daneel would be able to approach Dr. Leebig in person without first identifying himself as a robot. We know that ...
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Can a robot be fooled by a human posing as a robot?

There are at least two Asimov stories that I recall when a robot “harms” a human. In the bicentennial man at the very beginning the surgeon robot refuses to perform the procedure as it would harm ...
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Demerzel and the Laws of Robotics

In S01E10, we see Demerzel violate the First Law by Does this mean she is not bound by the Laws of Robotics at all, or is there an alternate explanation that allows her to occasionally violate them ...
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How did Isaac Asimov come up with the 3 laws of robotics?

The first law is that a robot shall not harm a human, or by inaction allow a human to come to harm. The second law is that a robot shall obey any instruction given to it by a human, and the third law ...
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A not-too-old, non-Asimov robot story with robots who are not bound by the Three Laws [duplicate]

This, for a change, is a rather recent (less than 30 years old) short story or novelette. Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics are prominent in it, but it was clearly written long after The Good Doctor's ...
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How does Asimov's second law deal with contradictory orders from different people?

The second law states that: A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. But it says nothing about property. What if a robot ...
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What prevents Asimov's robots from locking all humans in padded cells for the humans protection?

A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Since Asimov's robots are already shown as not possessing "human common sense" when applying the ...
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Short story about a man finding out his (ex?)wife is a rebel leader of a robotic society

I've been trying to google this for years. I'm pretty sure I read it in a short story collection, but don't remember the collection or the author or even the name of the story or any of the characters ...
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Story of a robot suspected of murder on a small planet (possibly Asimov)

Trying to identify a story of a robot suspected of murder on a fairly small planet. The planet was initially uninhabited. The robot suspect and the man killed were part of the same visiting ...
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Asimov's robot and the Trolley Problem

The classic thought experiment the Trolley Problem goes something like this: A loose train trolley is barreling downhill toward five people tied up and helpless on the track ahead. You can't ...
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Did the robot that saved Spooner's life in I, Robot break the 2nd law of robotics?

There is a particular scene in I, Robot that raises an interesting issue. Detective Spooner is telling the story of how he lost his arm. He was in a car accident, and found himself and a young girl ...
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Which Asimov story has malevolent 3-law AI?

I'm reading some of the Q&A on about the Control Problem (how to keep a general artificial intelligence in a box), like this one, and someone invariably touts Asimov's three laws ...
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In Asimov's robot story "Liar!", why does Dr. Calvin show no mercy for Herbie?

In the story "Liar!", when Dr. Calvin figures out why Herbie was acting the way he was, she But as she's doing this, Herbie pleads for her to stop because he had to lie in order to obey the First ...
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Surrogates and the laws of robotics [closed]

Were the three laws of robotics broken in the movie Surrogates?
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Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics in Application

The blurb on the back of my copy of Asimov's The Complete Robot includes Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics were programmed into computers thirty years ago at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...
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how was R. Daneel Olivaw's skin manufactured?

R. Daneel Olivaw had such realistic skin that he was able to live and work as a human being even though he was secretly a robot. What was Daneel's skin made of? And how was his skin manufactured? “...
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Could a revised version of Asimov's Three Laws have prevented Skynet from becoming a problem? [closed]

If Skynet's designers had subjected Skynet to Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, would it have prevented Skynet from provoking a nuclear war? I know there are several variants of the Three Laws, ...
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How were later robots able to emotionally harm humans?

In the short story Liar!, part of I, Robot, a crucial plot point is that Herbie, the mind-reading robot, was bound by First Law not to harm humans, and being that he understood emotions, this included ...
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Is there a violation of the First Law of Robotics in "Robot Visions"?

I'm currently reading Isaac Asimov's Robot Visions. I read I, Robot a while ago, and it was nice to see Susan Calvin, Robbie, and the rest again :) The first and eponymous story of the collection, "...
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Why didn't Powell & Donovan just tell Speedy that they would die without the selenium?

The story "Runaround" in I, Robot was a great example of how the Laws of Robotics are programmed into positronic brains, and how they can conflict with each other. Powell & Donovan end up having ...
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Can a robot doubt the sayings of a human?

I am currently reading Asimov's The Robot Series. I have read The Caves of Steel and now I'm reading The Naked Sun. In these two books, Elijah orders (on a couple of different occasions) R. Daneel to ...
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Can a robot programed with 3 laws operating system harm a human who is harming another human?

We see that a robot can attack another robot in defense of a human, but can a 3 Laws programed robot defend one human from another human?
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Are there any settings with rules for neural interfaces? [closed]

Can't find a single book which puts together a universal set of rules for neural interfaces to protect people (like the three laws of robotics). Are there any that exist?
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Can you tell my robot to kill itself? (Three Laws)

In the worlds of Asimov's robots, what's to stop a bunch of vandal humans from going around telling robots to destroy themselves? According to the Second Law, they would have to obey. Here's a ...
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How does Starfleet describe its laws of robotics?

We all have heard about Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics (I hope) and I can imagine Star Trek's Starfleet have set up their own rules and/or laws of robotics to classify the impact of allowing ...
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Are the 4th and 5th extensions to the 3 Laws of Robotics validated by Asimov?

Wikipedia cites extensions by other authors to the canonical "Three laws" as follows There are two Fourth Laws written by authors other than Asimov. The 1974 Lyuben Dilov novel Icarus's Way (a.k....
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Do the 3 laws protect animals?

Major Stackings made a comment in chat about how the demolition bot seen in the movie hates cats. Do the 3 laws also protect animals from the deadly whims of robots?
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Why didn't the demolition bot stop once it became obvious Spooner was in the house?

While searching the house of the late Dr. Lanning the demolition bot outside At one point the demolition bot is traveling through the house towards Detective Spooner as he runs away from it. Why ...
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Are robots required to propagate Asimov's three laws?

When reading through the answers to this question, I began to wonder how those laws applied to machines that were designed, built, and programmed by other machines. We know that any machine that is ...
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Asimov's laws in pseudocode or applying the 3 laws today [closed]

I first asked this at Writers.SE but was advised I might do better here... I am working on a science fiction novel that will involve a large quantity and variety of synthetic life forms. I have been ...
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Asimov's three laws and non human inteligence

Is there any work by Asimov regarding how the three laws of robotics apply for non human intelligent beings? Do they apply only for humans or can they be extended to any intelligent being?
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Does Data adhere to the Three Laws of Robotics?

I'm trying to think of times when Data broke the Three Laws of Robotics, but I can't think of any outside of the episode "Clues" in Star Trek: The Next Generation. But I also don't remember any ...
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A story mentioning Isaac Asimov as a character

I've been trying to remember a story in which robots (or more likely people) in far future try to build a time machine. In the end they seem to send an assassin to kill Isaac Asimov so that he couldn'...
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Are The Three Laws of Robotics explicitly defined in one of the Asimov's stories?

I want to know if The Three Laws of Robotics are explicitly defined in one of the Asimov's robot stories. In which one? I am asking this question because I remember reading something about the laws ...
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