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For questions about "Legends of Tomorrow" a TV show that shares a universe with "Arrow" and "The Flash", following the time travel adventures of DC comic characters. Always use in conjunction with the [dc] and [arrowverse] tags.

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What are the limits to meeting your self in the past?

In DC's Legends of Tomorrow, it was said in one of the episodes (I can't remember or find the correct episode) by Rip that making contact with your younger self can jeopardize your entire existence. ...
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Why did Astra transform the legends into particular objects?

In the new episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E05, Astra turns the legends into different objects using magic. These objects include a fork, a candlestick, a cheese slice, a flip phone, and a ...
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What is The Atom working on with Green Arrow In the beginning of S01e01 of Legends of Tomorrow

I know they infiltrated Hive, but what was that thing he was in? Do we see this specific piece of plot in The Green Arrow episodes?
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How did the Earth survive Overgirl's supernova?

In the Arrowverse cross-over event Crisis on Earth-X, when Overgirl went supernova she was dangerously close to the Earth. A supernova at that point could obliterate ...