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In the Harry Potter universe, Legilimens refers both to the incantation of the spell casted in order to invade the mind of the victims and interpret their thoughts, and to the wizard capable of casting this spell. The associated skill is known as Legilimency. Always use in conjunction with the [harry-potter] tag.

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Why didn't Bellatrix use Legilimency on Hermione?

When Bellatrix found Harry and Hermione, she finds the Sword, and tortures Hermione to see if she took anything out of her Gringotts vault. Couldn't she have done it 10 times quicker by using ...
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Could Voldemort perform Legilimency through Nagini?

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, during the part where Nagini appears in Malfoy Manor with the Death Eaters, there is a line which says: To Malfoy's left, his wife made an odd stiff nod, ...
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Would Legilimency be easier or more difficult against an Animagus?

When a witch or wizard transforms into an animal, we know they can still think and listen, like Pettigrew did when living as a pet. But according to Sirius it can alter one's emotional state. Could ...
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Why didn't Dumbledore verify through Legilimency whether Sirius was guilty of betrayal?

Dumbledore was not only a close friend of the Potters; he was also the one who recommended the Fidelius as their best chance. It must have been a rude shock, when their best friend betrayed them. ...
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Effects of Legilimency used on someone

Why did Harry see flashbacks when Snape used legilimency on him? As we all know, Harry was taking occlumency in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Snape. When Snape casted legilimens, ...
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Why is Snape using an incantation for Legilimency?

The comment by @AyushBhatt on my answer to this question got me thinking: Why would Snape use a spell to penetrate Harry's mind during his Occlumency lessons, if he can do it without any incantation? ...
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Would it be possible if someone knew Legilimency and was on the Quidditch Team, to cheat because you could read the opponents minds? [closed]

If I was writing a fanfic, and my own character knew Legilimency and Occlumency and the teachers knew, would they say anything to her? Also, my character doesn't require a wand to use Legilimency. ...
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