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Questions tagged [legion]

"Legion" is a 2017 FX television show based on the Marvel X-Men comics characters, and follows David Haller, son of the powerful telepath Charles Xavier (Professor X). Use in conjunction with the [marvel] tag.

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Why did they let the Shadow King go at the end of season 2 of Legion?

At the end of season 2 of Legion, everyone turned on David Holler. They set the Shadow King free and tried to capture David, who then escapes. Now, regardless of whether they should have captured ...
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X-Men Cinematic Universe Viewing Order

Now that The New Mutants film has been released and the next X-Men film will be most likely be MCU and not part of the X-Men Cinematic Universe, I plan on watching all 12 films, but also the 2 tv ...
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6 votes
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What does this conversation mean in Legion?

In Legion "Chapter 2", when David and Syd are sitting on swings, Syd says When I used your power, Melanie and the others they heard it, and they came. And Division 3 they came, because they heard ...
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Are any of the other mutant characters in Legion based on comic characters?

The TV show Legion has as its protagonist David Haller, based on the character of the same name from X-Men comics. It also features However, I can’t find any obvious comics mentions of the other ...
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7 votes
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Why does Amy look like a 60's throwback?

In the TV show Legion, the protagonist's sister Amy consistently dresses and does her hair like someone from the Mad Men era. Nobody else in the show looks like a 60's throwback, but (at least so far) ...
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How did David and Sydney go back to normal?

In the first episode of Legion, the main protagonist David is stuck in a mental hospital, where he meets a new patient named Sydney. Sydney's main behavioral quirk is that she doesn't like to be ...
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