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An energy blade weapon from the Star Wars franchise often wielded like a sword or pike. Use this tag for questions about the properties of lightsabers, how they are constructed, etc. Do not use for questions that mention lightsabers but aren't actually about them. Use this tag with the [star-wars] tag.

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How many lightsabers does General Grievous have?

We know General Grievous was handed his first lightsaber by Count Dooku, it having belonged to Sifo-Dyas. We also know he has four other lightsabers, having belonged to Pablo-Jill, Roron Corobb, Eeth ...
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Can a blaster bolt be cut in half with a lightsaber?

A blaster "bolt" - at least from an E-11 - appears to have a length generally longer than the diameter of a lightsaber blade. If the bolt can be deflected/reflected by a lightsaber, and its length is ...
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How does the lightsaber rifle work (in universe)?

From what limited things I’ve seen on the internet, the lightsaber rifle consumes lightsabers as ammunition. I don’t know exactly which comics it’s in, but I know Jocasta Nu uses it against Vader, but ...
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