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Had Voldemort used somebody else's blood, would he have been able to kill Harry in the final duel?

Was Lily's original protection not enough for Harry to survive Voldemort's Avada Kedavra in the forbidden forest? I know that the reason given is that Lily's protection is alive in Voldemort's blood, ...
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Was Harry tethered to life as long as Voldemort lived with Harry's blood in him, or was he only safe from attack from Voldemort? [duplicate]

In the chapter King's Cross of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Dumbledore explains that Harry didn't die because: "He took your blood and rebuilt his living body with it! Your blood in his ...
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After Lily and Severus had their 5th year argument, did she still retain SOME romantic love? [duplicate]

We know that Lily and Snape were great friends at a young age, and that Snape loved her dearly, so far as to match her Patronus and become a double agent after her death. However, we know of their ...
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Why could Voldemort freely harm Harry when he took Harry's blood for his own?

In the graveyard in the Goblet of Fire, Voldemort was able to freely touch Harry without harm once he possessed Harry's blood (which contained Lily's sacrificial protection). Why? Voldemort was still ...
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Was Lily's sacrificial blood protection that was already inside Harry not enough to ensure his survival against Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest?

I've read a bunch of different answers here on the site already that are somewhat related to the question but I can't seem to find one that specifically addresses the question of why the "anchor&...
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Did both the Elder Wand AND Lily's protection protect Harry the second time? [duplicate]

In the Forbidden Forest, it was, as Dumbledore explained, Lily's protection -- which was in Harry AS WELL AS Voldemort -- that saved Harry from the Killing Curse. But was it also the fact that ...
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How long does a blood protection last for?

We know that when Lily sacrificed herself in order to save Harry, it casts a protection on him until his 17th birthday. It seems a bit of a coincidence that the protection would last exactly until ...
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How powerful were James and Lily Potter?

Do we have evidence that they were "above average" in terms of their magical ability? If so, does that contribute at all to Harry being magically advanced (in some areas)? Related: Is magical ...
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Was it Dumbledore's charm or Lily's that protected Harry all those years?

I'm confused when reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because Dumbledore states that it was his charm that kept Harry safe while living at the Dursleys. ‘But I knew, too, where ...
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Why didn't the Potters have their wands with them?

Lily and James were immensely powerful wizards; they had escaped Voldemort himself three times. They might have survived You-Know-Who if they had their wands. They also knew the Dark Lord was after ...
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How were the Potters so rich? [duplicate]

It seems that Harry's parents left him a pretty sizable fortune. They were pretty young when they had Harry and when they died. I dont remember much talk about their professions. How did they manage ...
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Why did Severus Snape think he could make Voldemort promise anything?

A young Severus Snape asked Voldemort not to kill Lily Potter. He knew Voldemort wanted to kill Lily's baby son, but asked that Lily be spared because Snape was in love with her. “What request could ...
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Did Snape really love Lily, or was it just an obsession? [closed]

Did Snape really love Lily, or was it just an obsession? Did Lily love him as more than just a friend when they grew up to be adults, or was it just Snape? An intelligent man once said that love is ...
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Is there any canon on how much older Petunia Dursley is than Lily Potter?

Is there anything from the books or movies that says how much older Petunia is than Lily? Or did J.K. Rowling just mention it in an interview?
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Did Lily ever find out that Snape had changed sides?

The decision to hide the Potters was done partly on the basis of the information that Snape passed to Dumbledore after he'd overheard Sybill Trelawney's prophecy. "Hide them all, then," he croaked. ...
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Why did Voldemort kill Lily Potter instead of stunning her?

Voldemort offered Lily Potter mercy at Snape's request, demanding that she get out of the way so he could kill Harry. When she refused, why didn't he simply stun her or put her in a full body-bind or ...
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What were Lily and James' career choices?

What job would they have had if they hadn't been fighting for the Order? (and after the war) I am not asking about their money (which was already addressed here: Where did Harry's parents get all ...
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Why didn't Lily's protection prevent Harry's scar?

Spoilers for Deathly Hallows: This question about why Harry has a scar when Avada Kedavra leaves no trace got me to wondering. Why would Harry have a scar at all? If Lily's protection prevented ...
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Did Lily's sacrifice protection end when Harry turned 17 or not?

I'm a bit confused on this point. First, Harry is moved from the Dursley because this protective enchantment will break the minute he turns 17: "Once I’m seventeen, the protective charm that keeps ...
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