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A Centauri who first served aboard Babylon 5 as ambassador, and later became the Centauri Emperor. Use with the [babylon-5] tag

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Did Sheridan and Delenn ever learn that Emperor Londo Mollari was controlled by the Drakh?

Londo Mollari has a Drakh keeper attached to his body in season 5 of Babylon 5. The Drakh control him and get him to enact policies that further isolate the Centauri from other races. His friends, ...
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Why didn't Londo Mollari have any children, given that he had 3 wives, was a great romantic and was Emperor in his later years?

Londo Mollari had 3 wives. It was as though he kept a harem. Granted that he didn't seem to love his wives, he still had his sexual needs and he should still sleep with them occasionally. An ...
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What is Londo Mollari's accent?

In Babylon 5, the character of Londo Mollari speaks with a very distinctive accent, which you can hear for example in this video: It's certainly not the actor's real ...
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