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Use this tag for questions about the 2018 reboot TV Series Lost in Space. Use this tag together with [lost-in-space].

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What are the differences between the 4-DVD and 6-DVD box sets of Lost in Space (2018)?

Has anyone bought the DVD box set for seasons 1–3 of the Netflix Lost in Space series? There is a 4-DVD set and a 6-DVD set. I'm trying to find out the differences between them—and trying to see which ...
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How did Will travel back to Alpha Centauri in the last episode of Season 3 of Lost in Space

In Season 3, episode 8 of Lost in Space, Will travels with Smith and the Robot to the Robot's home planet how does the Jupiter with Will and Smith return back to Alpha Centauri?
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What unit of measurement are they using for altitude?

Right in the beginning of Episode 1 of Lost in Space (2018), the ship is knocked off course and rapidly loses altitude. The computer voice announces the decreasing altitude as "4,000 feet", ...
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How does the "rust virus" actually spread?

Something about the rust virus (or whatever it's called - I can't remember) doesn't quite make sense to me. I'm probably just forgetting some detail or I missed some explanation at one point. ...
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Explain rift plot points of Season 2 finale of Lost in Space (2018)

I'm having great difficulty understanding the basic Rift-related plot points of S2E10 Ninety-Seven of Lost in Space. Since ships can follow others through the Rift (as jeffronicus points out, the ...
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Why doesn't the Robot speak English better?

We've seen that Robot can understand what appear to be reasonably complex sentences in English, such as He certainly is also physically capable of producing audible human speech, such as "danger, ...
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Was the passenger manifest available all the time?

In one the last episodes of Lost in Space's first season, Maureen can be seen browsing what appears like a list with names and portrait photographs of all colonists Has this list been available the ...
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What does Naoko Watanabe say in Japanese to Don West?

In Lost in Space (2018), episode 1x06, Don West talks to Naoko Watanabe trying to find another opportunity to make some money. She responds in Japanese, and her father, Hiroki Watanabe. responds with ...
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What is the robot's power source in the 2018 reboot of Lost in Space?

Whilst watching the reboot I wondered what the robot's power source is. Obviously it's not being charged at any point and there are no scenes (that I've seen - up to episode 3 but happy to have ...
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What was Dr Smith's motivation for being on the colony ship?

It's impossible to ask this question without spoilers. In Episode 3 we learn via a flashback that; Why would she do this? Did I miss something later in the episode or series that explains it? As far ...
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What was the fuel used by the Jupiter lifeboats in Lost In Space 2018?

Watching the new Lost In Space, in the second or third episode, alien worms appear and start to consume the Jupiter’s fuel at a prodigious rate. The fuel is described as a complex ammoniac compound. ...
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Are the Robinsons in the first batch of humans to settle Alpha Centauri?

I got into a debate over whether the folks on the Resolute are the first batch of colonists headed to Alpha Centauri. I say they're not the first batch because: The promotional video seems to depict ...
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How did they not know that Don was still aboard the ship?

In S1E6 "Eulogy" of Lost in Space (2018): Don was (obviously) not on the surface at this point. How is it possible that they did not realize he was still aboard?
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Where did that thing under the land rover come from?

Spoilers for the ending of Lost in Space season 1 (2018): In the season finale, we see the land rover park in the spaceship and the camera reveals some sort of glowing object attached to the bottom. ...
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