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Questions tagged [lucifer-2016]

For questions about the 2016 TV series "Lucifer", based loosely on the character of the same name, created for "The Sandman" comic series. Use with the [vertigo-comics] tag.

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2 votes
1 answer

In Lucifer can you perfect skills whilst stuck in a hell time loop?

In the Lucifer TV show it has been shown that time in hell is not the same as time on Earth and thousands of years in hell could just be a few weeks or months on Earth. Some scenes have shown that ...
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Lucifer fanfic-story: Feather used to conceive Chloe/Trixie, finger to conceive Jesus

I'm looking for a fanfiction story based on the Lucifer TV-show. I probably read it on ArchiveOfOurOwn, but it may also been elsewhere. In the story, angels who wanted to help a human to conceive a ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Lucifer (TV series) devilface in Season 3 Episode 7

In the TV series Lucifer, Season 3's big drama is that Lucifer looses his devil face, but his angel wings grow back even if he cuts them off. In Episode 7 the turning point of the plot comes when he ...
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7 votes
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How are demons compared to angels?

In the TV series (1st season) Maze and Amenadiel have a slight confrontation and he seems to not take her for a real threat. His talks seem to indicate that the threat a demon could be for an angel is....
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Is Sandman ever mentioned in the Lucifer TV series?

I don't watch the Lucifer TV series, but did they ever mention The Sandman or any of the Endless in it?
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