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For questions about the DC/Vertigo Comics character Lucifer, the comic book series about him, NOT for questions about the general character from Christian mythology, the fallen angel Lucifer. For the TV series, please use [lucifer-2016] instead. Use with the [vertigo-comics] tag.

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How did imprisoned Azazel end up on some woman's bedside table?

If my memory servers me right, Azazel was imprisoned by the Dream of the Endless, after it (he?she? do floating eyes and maws have gender?) tried to blackmail Morpheus. Then in the #2 issue of ...
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What is the out-of-universe reason Lucifer Morningstar's new bar called "Ex Lux"?

In Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, Lucifer Morningstar gets tired of Hell and comes to Earth, to start a piano bar called "Lux" (best bar in Los Angeles!). The bar has been thoroughly exploited in Mike ...
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Was the "Gambler" god from "Lucifer" the same entity as the unnamed god from "American Gods"?

In the Lucifer comic series, Jill Presto used to be a vessel for Basanos, a living Tarot deck. Their relationship didn't end well, Basanos forcefully impregnated her against her will. She managed to "...
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Are the effects of Yahweh's decision is Mike Carey's "Lucifer" seen in any other DC/Vertigo comic?

During the events of Lucifer, Yahweh abdicates his position and gives power to Elaine Belloc, before leaving his Creation. Are there any moments in the main DC continuity where the effects of this ...
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In Supernatural, why don't the angels always use their true forms?

I just finished Season 5 of Supernatural and one thing was bothering me. Why don't the angels like Lucifer use their true forms on earth? His goal is basically the eradication of the human species on ...
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