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For questions about the Marvel character Luke Cage, also known as Power Man, and the related franchise.

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What caused these apparent changes in Mariah's character?

In the first season, Mariah is a suave politician. She mostly makes calculated moves, unlike her cousin, Cornell, who's impulsive. As an additional contrast with Cornell, the former is willing to ...
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When and how did Luke Cage own his bar?

I recently watched Jessica Jones S1, followed by Luke Cage S1. Through the first few episodes of Luke Cage various comments implied a specific series of events: Luke is Framed Luke goes to Prison ...
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How do Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' physical strengths compare?

The origin of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' powers is different (at least, in the comics; possibly/probably also in the TV series); and so is the nature of their powers: Cage has unbreakable skin, ...
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What would happen if Luke Cage needed surgery?

In Marvel's The Defenders we can clearly see that the Iron Fist can damage Luke Cage's jaw. If he had broken his jaw, sliced some of his flesh, broken a tooth etc., could Luke Cage have gotten proper ...
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Is Obama part of MCU or not?

During episode 11 of the new Marvel/Netflix Series Luke Cage the main antagonist Diamondback tells a goon in reference to councilman Boone to Take Diet Obama upstairs (03:24). As pointed out in ...
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Why is Luke Cage hiding in Pop's barbershop?

The newly released Netflix show Luke Cage is another series operating in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it's closely related to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, especially since Luke was a character in ...
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What are Luke Cage’s notable weaknesses?

In Marvel’s latest TV show, Luke Cage In the comics or other media, are there other things that have been shown to be able to harm Luke?
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How old is Luke?

I don't think remember it being made clear as to what his age was. How old was Luke Cage in Marvel's Jessica Jones? Is he older than Jessica? Inspired by this question.
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