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Man of Steel (2013) rebooted the Superman franchise and was the starting point for the DC Extended Universe of movies. Use with the [dc] and [dc-extended-universe] tags, as well as the [superman] tag as needed

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Did Jor-El have intentions for Kal-El to recreate Krypton?

SPOILERS: Hence my question, what was the point of putting the Kryptonian codex into Kal-El DNA if Jor-El never intended for Kal-El to use them? Rather than say.. destroy the DNA codex in the first ...
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Why aren’t the Kryptonians powerless in their biosuits in Man of Steel?

In Man of Steel (2013), it is shown that Superman is as weak as a human on the Kryptonian spaceship after adapting to the ship's preset Kryptonian environment, even though he wasn't shielded from the ...
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13 votes
7 answers

What is somatic reconditioning and what does it do to a Kryptonian?

In the movie Man of Steel, General Zod and his followers were sentenced to "300 cycles of somatic reconditioning" (not sure if I got that right). What exactly is somatic reconditioning and what does ...
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Can we deduce the location of Metropolis by where the World Engine landed in the Indian Ocean?

In Man of Steel, (spoilers) Can we deduce the real-world location of Metropolis based upon where the other piece was? Is the location on the shore of the Indian Ocean distinctive enough that we could ...
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Floating glove scene in Man of Steel. What does it mean?

In the movie Man of Steel, General Zod and Superman fought in an unfinished building. In that scene, General Zod mentioned that "trained all his life to master his senses" and then removed his armor ...
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Can post-Crisis Superman destroy the world with his heat vision?

A number of questions were raised in a discussion about Post Crisis Superman... We were wondering if he could destroy the Earth with his Heat Vision and it came to my attention that in one issue He ...
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Wasn't Superman supposed to care more about human life and assets?

In the recent movie Man of Steel buildings collapsed, a big part of the city was destroyed, and much of that occurred when Kal-El was directly in the fight. That bugged me a lot. I expected tactics ...
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What is a Class-B crime and its punishment in Superman?

In Man of Steel, Jor-El goes to the Genesis chamber and steals the codex. Before he goes in, Kelex states, Jor-EL: Can you see the codex? Kelex: Its just beneath the central hub sir. But I am ...
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How strong would Clark have to be to lift the school bus out of the water? [closed]

How much additional weight would the water have added to the bus and how much strength would be needed to lift the bus out of the water in the way that he did?
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