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Man of Steel (2013) rebooted the Superman franchise and was the starting point for the DC Extended Universe of movies. Use with the [dc] and [dc-extended-universe] tags, as well as the [superman] tag as needed

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What is a Class-B crime and its punishment in Superman?

In Man of Steel, Jor-El goes to the Genesis chamber and steals the codex. Before he goes in, Kelex states, Jor-EL: Can you see the codex? Kelex: Its just beneath the central hub sir. But I am ...
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Did the Kryptonian Codex survive Superman's death and resurrection?

As shown in Man of Steel, the Codex is "digitally preserved and infused" into Superman's blood cells by his father, but cells and DNA die and degrade quite quickly upon death, therefore how could the (...
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