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For questions relating to Mandalorians, a fictional race of humans from the planet Mandalore in the "Star Wars" universe. Notable members include Jango and Boba Fett. Always use in conjunction with the [star-wars] tag. For questions about the 2019 Disney+ series use the [the-mandalorian] tag instead.

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Why are the Mandalorian Supercomandos blaster bolts yellow?

In Clone Wars, the blasts from the weapons of the Galactic Republic were blue (extra ionization) to be more effective against the droids of the Confederation. In general, blaster bolts appear to be ...
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How does the Mandalorian armor stop a lightsaber?

In Season 2 episode 5 of The Mandalorian, we see Din block a lightsaber with his arm. Is it ever explained anywhere how Beskar armor is strong enough to block a lightsaber? Numerous times during the ...
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How well can a Mandalorian see?

Given the small amount of see-through1 material in a Mandalorian helmet, how well does a Mandalorian actually see out of one? By initial looks these helmets have a severely restricted field of view. ...
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What do we know about the Mandalorian's Way? [closed]

Watching Disney's The Mandalorian, we got to know that Mandalorian isn't a race. It's a Creed. as uttered by Cara Dune and Din Djarin, also we heard several times Djarin and other Mandalorians on the ...
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Why does no one seem to hit any of Mando's vulnerable spots?

So Din Djarin's (Mando) Mandalorian armor has a lot of spots that the Beskar plates do not cover. How come no one targets these areas? They are pretty obvious if someone who was an experienced ...
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Under what conditions can a Child of the Watch not wear their helmet?

With the helmet never being removed being one of the biggest trademarks of Din Djarin, we've found out that the Children of the Watch never remove their helmet. This, as it is stated such in the Way ...
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Why can’t The Mandalorian from The Mandalorian take off his helmet, while animated mandalorians like Sabine and Pre Vizsla can?

In The Mandalorian they make a big deal of Mando never removing his helmet in front of others, yet characters like Sabine do it casually all of the time. Is this a contradiction, unexplained, or is ...
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3 answers

Why is beskar so important for Mandalorians?

In the TV series The Mandalorian beskar is a metal for forging different things. Why is this metal important for the Mandalorians? Is it because of the origin of the metal or its properties? Or is ...
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Was there ever an explanation for why Mandalorian armor changed so much?

Between the days of the Old Republic and Attack of the Clones, Mandalorian armor changed drastically. Here is what Mandalorians looked like in their old armor: Here is what Mandalorian armor looks ...
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5 answers

Do Mandalorians truly never remove their helmets?

In episode 3 of The Mandalorian, it is said that Mandalorians never remove their helmets for any reason. Really? Not even to sleep or bathe? Is there any canonical source for this idea? I’m going to ...
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Why are there so few Force sensitive Mandalorians?

I noticed that there aren't many Mandalorian Force users. Is there something wrong with their genes or is it that the Star Wars creators just don't want Force sensitive Mandalorians? I know only a few ...
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What is Mandalorian armor made of?

What is Mandalorian armor made of? Do we even know? I have watched every "Clone Wars" and "Rebels" Episode like twice or more and I can't remember if it ever says anything like that. Is there ...
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6 answers

Is there an explanation for the inconsistency in the Mandalorians between the Clone Wars and Rebels?

Pre-Disney, the Mandalorians were a warrior people living on the planet Mandalore and several other locations. They were the instigators of the Mandalorian War. From Wookieepedia: Mandalorian was ...
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Which Star Wars comics narrates the Mandalorian war?

I'd like to read about the whole Mandalorian war, but I'm completely ignorant on SW comics and which of them constitutes canon. Should I just read all those in this timelime from " Knights of ...
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In the Star Wars Universe, is the Mandalorian race considered a real race or just an offshoot of the human one?

I have no idea what the human race is called in the "Galaxy far, far away..." but if I'm not mistaken Mandalorians are just like the human race. I want to know if the Mandalorian race is an ...
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