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For questions about the prominent science fiction author Margaret St. Clair. Only use for questions about the author herself, not for those about her works, for those use the appropriate work tag instead.

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What is the relationship between Alice and McFeen in "The Vanderlark"?

Margaret St. Clair's short story "The Vanderlark" is set on a spaceship in deep space with a crew of two, Alice and McFeen (or Mac). The interaction between the two is odd: McFeen slaps ...
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Meaning of acronym UNBI

"Lochinvar" is a short story by Margaret St. Clair, published in 1961 in Galaxy (and available to read at the Internet Archive). The titular character is an alien creature from Mars, with ...
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What does PE&G stand for, and does it connect with Mazda's name?

I've just read Margaret St. Clair's short story "An Old Fashioned Bird Christmas", available on the Internet Archive. In the setting of this story, mention is made of an organisation (a ...
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