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Questions tagged [martial-arts]

For questions on the use of the various martial arts in Science Fiction or Fantasy. (e.g, karate, taekwondoe)

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Chinese movie series name where mc is creator and smart but he lost h's memory

The reason I remember clearly about this series is that in one epsoide he made a prosthetic arm and leg with iron for a bandit out of pity but that bandit/robber used it to rob bank or pawn shop (cuz ...
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Seventies or Eighties EasternMysticism or Martial Arts SF Duology

I used to own the first book of what I think was a duology. I'm pretty sure I bought it, in England, in the late seventies, possibly early eighties, and it was recent at that time, so not a reprint of ...
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What was the name of a movie or a book about a martial arts tournament where the antagonist was a Mongolian fighter? [closed]

So far as I remember the name of the movie/book was something like "the golden dragon", all I can remember is how there was a martial arts tournament where the protagonist fights along a ...
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Manhwa/manga where the mc starts off in a cave and a window appears telling him to witness the end?

I can't remember if the MC woke up in the cave on the stone bed , was teleported there or if he died and was temporarily reincarnated there. However the MC get a notification telling him to witness ...
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Vulcan Nerve/Shoulder Pinch part of a larger system of martial arts that apparently use "psychic" abilities?

The nerve pinch has been seen multiple times. Although Spock spoke once of trying to teach Kirk the technique, I wonder if there is some aspect that means an untrained human can't do it or even a ...
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a man got transferred to cultivation world with the system he made

This is a manga about a guy who is from Earth but transferred to a cultivation world with a system he made. When he opened his eyes he found that he is a master and all disciples are very strong. His ...
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Manwha about a mercenary who dies and returns to when he first isekai'd

C rank mercenary dies, activating artifact that returns him to when he first got isekai'd. The world has people isekai from a magic world or murim martial art world. The third isekai is a normal who ...
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Manga where mc dies and reincarnates into same world and body

I'm looking for a manga where the main character is poisoned or injured by a relative or clan member, dies from it, but reincarnates into same body a couple months before he dies, and he goes hunting ...
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Doc Savage’s fighting style

What martial arts did Doc Savage use in the novels? He was portrayed as a martial artist for a pulp character created in 1933. What martial arts could he be using and how many he could have known? Did ...
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looking for a movie title – Chinese martial arts (pre-2000)

l-o-n-g time searching for an old Chinese movie (english dubbed) about a man who accidentally entered a higher realm where flamboyantly-dressed 'gods' (much like Stargate Goa'ulds) were playing a ...
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Black panther’s martial arts skills

In marvel comics when or In what comics issue was black panther first depicted as a master of martial arts? His initial abilities included cat like reflexes and agility he performed acrobatic movement ...
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Looking for a movie that has punching through walls, reflected energy and indestructible skin (and scenes used in Kill Bill)

Okay, I am going to take the answer in SciFi/Fantasy meta (Are old school Martial arts films considered SciFi/Fantasy?) as permission to ask about a martial arts film with iron skinned fighters who ...
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Manhwa about a boy who knows martial arts, but goes to the past and applies to be a magician

The manhwa is new but is about a boy who knows martial arts, but in the time period he lives in, magicians are better. He went to a dungeon and found like a eye, and then he fought a person in a ...
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Cultivation manga where the main character is killed by poison before his marriage and reincarnates in another world, where he gets a healing item

I'm trying to find a manga where the main character dies due to poison, and is reincarnated in another world, where he gets a healing item. The main character is killed and reincarnates into the same ...
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Manhwa where the MC has a PC to create Dungeons and gets to choose the difficulty of the Dungeons

I remember that he first talks about his 40 yo uncle, that he is adventurous and used to talk with him about that stuff. Later he lost touch with him, but suddenly gets a package containing a PC ...
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Korean martial arts manhwa where the MC gains the memories of a man who jumped in front of a train

At the start, the MC was asked to fix something for his classmate. It was a old recorder or something, I forgot, but on his way home, he sees some guy jump in front of a train. The MC then gained that ...
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does anyone know what this show/cartoon is called?

It's about two boys and one girl, they're all martial artists. When I watched it as kid it always played on Megamax. All I can remember is that the girl had black hair and one of the boys had hair ...
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Movie about a rogue / martial artist brought to the present, rides a scooter at some point?

I sadly don't remember much about this one - hoping someone else can shed some light or at least add details to help the search. This was a foreign-language movie whose main character was a 20-...
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What is super-karate in DC comics?

On the Wikipedia page for Karate Kid it says that Karate Kid (Val Armorr) used something called "super-karate" to briefly hold his own against Superboy. The pages for the comic scene are in ...
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Manga where the main character is trained by martial master that he thinks is a wizard

I'm looking for a manga where the main character is trained by a martial arts master that he thinks is a wizard. He is looking to find the answers about how to gain the ability to use mana. The main ...
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Martial arts movie about students at a high school(?) [closed]

If I remember correctly the movie was sometime between 1995-2005. I don't remember it being in English but was subtitled. The main language may have been Japanese. For some reason, I think the title ...
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Fantasy Kung Fu/Karate movie with combating Dojos

Trying to find a fantasy karate/kung-fu movie I only saw a scene from and it had a older Asian lady with white braided hair that went to the ground and her and I think two or three other older people ...
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Did any DC hero (in particular Batman) ever learn any alien martial arts?

In one Teen Titans episode, Starfire's sister, Blackfire, is comically shown throwing Robin while teaching him some techniques from a strange alien fighting system. The only alien martial art very ...
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Help identifying a martial arts movie with supernatural elements

I am trying to recall a martial arts movie, likely chinese/Hong Kong but not 100% sure. I think I ran into it because of a small interest in Master of the Flying Guillotine and wanted more over-the-...
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Manga about a guy and a female alien fighting other aliens that are based on types of gems

I remember reading this manga like 2 to 4 years ago. It was like the princess of the aliens (who is a diamond) somehow destroyed their planet. I don’t really remember how, but they come to Earth and ...
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What are Karate Kid's abilities and are they similar to Deadpool's?

Does anyone know any more details about Karate kid from DC? I posted this pic of him fighting Marvel's Deadpool and noticed there are similarities in that both heroes have some hidden abilities. I ...
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Examples in Doctor Who of the Doctor acquiring or losing abilities with different regenerations?

I remember Jon Pertwee's third Doctor was portrayed as a martial arts expert - a skill I don't remember any other Doctor displaying. Are there other examples of skills or abilities that seem to have ...
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Which martial arts styles has Batman been said to use?

When I saw The Dark Knight Rises, I was perplexed by the fighting style Batman uses against Bane - specifically, his reliance upon elbow strikes. I did some research ...
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What kind of martial art did Miles O'Brien get this move from?

In season 4, episode 9 (Hard Time), Miles O'Brien gets annoyed with Quark's slow service and grabs hold of his hand into some sort of joint lock. What martial art did it originate from? Did the actor ...
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