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"an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." This can be a widely-spread image or quote, often used for other contexts than the original intent.

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Is Harry Potter the only student with glasses?

I recently got this meme: Click image to enlarge. Since, I keep wondering if Harry Potter is really the only wizard student with glasses or if there are others? Specially since, according to this ...
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What are the exact memes that are being referenced in the new “SpongeBob SquarePants Masterpiece Memes” collection of action figures?

Nickelodeon has just released a new line of action figures called the “SpongeBob SquarePants Masterpiece Memes” line. Pic below. What are the exact memes that this commemorative collection is ...
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Why are there 2 Spider-Men in this picture?

I've seen this picture on social media and was wondering why there are 2 Spider-Man (Spider-Men?). What's the storyline of this issue?
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Come to the dark side, we have cookies?

Where does this come from? Obviously the first half is from Star Wars but the expression is not from Spaceballs and some Googling doesn't find anything.
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Where is this Batman meme picture from? [duplicate]

I've seen many memes employing this scene of Batman slapping Robin: Where is this taken from?
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What was the origin of the meme where Batman slaps Robin?

I have seen the meme of Batman slapping Robin so many times. I really want to know the origin of it. When did it occur in the comics, and why did he even slap him? Note: Spoilers are welcome.
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Which issue of Marvel comic books first featured Peter Parker taking a "Selfie"?

Did Peter take the pictures from the very first issue, or was the ploy introduced as the series unfolded? Which issue of the Amazing Spider-Man series did News Photographer, or the soon to be News ...
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What is the original context of this Spock video clip?

This clip has surfaced on the internet, and was particularly brought to my attention alongside a caption that implied Spock was examining a rather attractive derriere. I find it generally unlikely ...
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Which season/episode is the "Picard Engage Photo" from?

Which episode is this widely-used 'meme' picture taken from?
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What is the title of the anime with the "DESU" maid?

I've been watching AMVs forever and I keep seeing this little maid pop up in them that's in a green dress with blue and red eyes or something like that. She keeps yelling "DESU!" all the time. I think ...
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Is there any **official** confirmation that Superman was meant to "be Jewish"?

I know that there is a common meme/logic that Superman possesses some/many "Jew-like" characteristics, in part because his creators were Jewish. But that could be either intentional or unintentional. ...
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Which various versions of vampirism cure diseases? [closed]

What do various stories and interpretations of the vampire meme say about its ability to cure diseases? It seems some versions of vampirism can cure diseases like myopia, and others that you can never ...
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What's the origin of "One does not simply Telnet into Mordor"?

While I realise that it's a parody on "One does not simply walk into Mordor!" (I believe it's a statement made by Boromir), I was wondering where that particular meme comes from. The connection (no ...
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Which episode of Star Trek: TNG is the image on the chat servers' error pages taken from?

On the three Stack Overflow chat servers, the chat room not available page displays the following image: Is it from an actual episode, or is it a 'shop?
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