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Questions tagged [men-in-black-2]

(2003) The second installment of the Men-in-Black film franchise. Agents J & K return and attempt to save the world from the evil Serleena.

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10 votes
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How did T get into the agency?

In the first Men in Black movie, the Men in Black have a screening process to weed out potential problem agents, but in the first sequel J's partner T is clearly an idiot who doesn't know better than ...
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Is the locker room at the end of Men in Black 2 a pocket dimension/universe?

At the end of Men in Black II (2002), K and J walk to a door labeled "DANGER: EXIT! DO NOT OPEN". This is opened by K and the camera zooms out to show that it is a door to a locker in a row ...
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5 votes
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What happens when more than one person with the same initials joins the Men in Black?

As seen in the film, Men in Black (1997), when a person becomes a part of the Men in Black organization their name is erased and they are given a code name which is the first letter of their birth ...
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6 votes
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Where did Mysteries In History get the story about Zartha?

One of the clues that Agent K left behind to remind him about Zartha was an episode of the show Mysteries in History where Peter Graves recounts in very accurate detail the story of Zartha and the Men ...
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Is David Cross playing the same character in both MIB and MIB2?

IMDB lists David Cross' character in MIB as an unnamed "morgue attendant" and as "Newton" in MIB2, however the MIB Wikia and Wikipedia both state unequivocally that they're the same person: Newton ...
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After being neuralized, why is Newton holding a shovel?

In Men In Black 2, agent J neuralizes Newton, played by David Cross, telling him to take his girlfriend to Cambodia. When Newton gets up from the couch, he is holding a shovel. Does anyone know why? ...
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How does the ending of MIB2 reconcile with the ending of MIB?

At the end of Men in Black, the camera zooms out and we see that I always liked that ending, however it was seemingly voided by the end of MIB2. At the end of MIB2, it is shown that, Is there any ...
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