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Men in Black 3 is the third installment of the Men in Black movie series starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

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Why did J remember about K when no one else did?

In Men in Black 3, when J is about to do the time jump thing, he asks Jeffrey why he remembers about K while no one else does. Jeffrey says something like "Oh, so you were there", but it's never ...
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Why wasn't Agent J still injured?

Towards the end of the third installment of Men in Black: Why wouldn't Agent J still be injured from his encounter with Boris the Animal?
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Why was Jeffrey Price able to remember sending Boris back in time?

In the third installment of Men In Black, Agent J wakes up with a craving for chocolate milk, which leads to the discovery that time has been manipulated. Agent J then goes to Jeffrey Price to gain ...
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Why doesn't K remember that J was in the past with him?

I saw the questions about "Why can J remember everything about K?" and stuff, but there's something I don't get. J actually changed the past going to 1969 and helping K with the ArcNet. Ok, so ...
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Does the present-day part of Men in Black 3 take place in 2008?

In 1969, J tells young K that in 25 years he will pick him to be his partner, which is 1994 and 14 years after that, Boris escaped... So, is the present part of the movie actually in 2008?
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Why doesn't Agent J remember his father?

A the end of the third installment of the Men In Black movies: Why doesn't Agent J remember his father?
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How was J recognised as a MiB agent when K wasn't alive to recruit J?

In the Men In Black 3 movie, the timeline was altered after K was killed in 1969. In the new timeline, K wasn't alive to recruit J. So, how did everyone (O, etc.) recognise J?
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Was there a Temporal Paradox in Men In Black III?

The main story thread of the movie Men in Black III involves going back in time using a Time Jump device to alter the past and save the earth's future. I don't know much about time travel, and I ...
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What happens when more than one person with the same initials joins the Men in Black?

As seen in the film, Men in Black (1997), when a person becomes a part of the Men in Black organization their name is erased and they are given a code name which is the first letter of their birth ...
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Why didn't J save his father in MIB3

In the end of MIB 3, J's father got killed by Boris when he saved K. J was watching all of this and had a time machine in his hand. Why didn't he go back a few minutes in time and kill Boris which ...
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Why did the Boglodites wait so long to invade Earth?

I know it makes a more dramatic tale with J going back just at the time of the Boglodite invasion of Earth, but why did they wait so long? There was no ArcNet in place to prevent an attack and Boris ...
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What was the point to J doing a Time Jump when fighting Boris?

When J is fighting Boris he looks at his watch before charging at Boris, letting himself get hit. it appears that he was trying to remember where Boris shot (Left, Right, Left) before he grabs Boris ...
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About Griffin's dialogue "Where there is death, there will always be death"

In the ending of Men In Black 3, it depicts J's father's death as sort of replacing K's death. (as stated in Griffin's dialogue). But K also kills Borris, who didn't die in the original timeline or ...
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