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For questions about merchandise related to science fiction or fantasy works.

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Has netflix released vhs-style box sets of stranger things seasons 2, 3 or 4?

As part of the ramp-up to season 2 of Stranger Things there was a release of VHS-styled DVD sets for Stranger Things season 1; I purchased a copy at Target. I went looking recently to see if similar ...
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What Star Wars characters has had the most toys/action figures?

I was watching again the American science fiction film The Planet of the Apes (1968) and the scene at the place where Dr. Cornelius has been doing archeological excavations, near the Forbidden Zone, ...
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Who is this anime character with animal ears?

A friend got me this keychain thinking it was a different character. I think it's cute but I would like to know who it is.
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Was there ever any actual Spaceballs merchandise?

One of the running gags throughout the film Spaceballs (1987) is a meta-commentary that the primary purpose of the film is to promote the sale of film-related merchandise. In fact, several of the ...
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Identify The Masters

I got this T-Shirt a while back, as a gift. It is, of course, an hommage to the famous Beatles album, but with iconic masters. But, being the nerd I am, I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I only ...
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Was the Batman statue in "Shazam!" a real piece of merch, or just a movie prop?

In the movie Shazam!, there is a scene where, during Billy's first fight with Sivana, he winds up in a toy store and throws a plastic statue of Batman (which exclaims a recording stating "I'm ...
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Which of the original Kenner Star Wars vehicles were to the correct scale of the action figures?

The Star Wars action figures as made by Kenner in the late '70s and early '80s were on a 1:18 scale. In fact, though they were not the first to use the scale, their popularity established the scale as ...
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Where can I read the text on the Jelly Belly brand Harry Potter chocolate frogs?

Jelly Belly sells Harry Potter chocolate frogs. These come with collectible cards, just like the Famous Witches and Wizards Cards from the books and films. Each one comes with new collectible cards ...
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Why was this Onslaught toy sold as Red Skull?

I'm wondering if Red Skull has ever appeared in a form similar to Onslaught's, in the comics or video games. Essentially, any media other than this toy: If so, that answers my question. But if ...
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When do we see a Assault Walker in The Force Awakens?

I recently saw this toy in a superstore near where I work. Link to Amazon product. When do we see an Assault walker ? Is it in the assault on The packaging left me with the impression that this ...
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When do we see Poe Dameron on a speeder?

I recently saw this toy in a superstore near where I work. Link to Amazon product. When do we see Poe on a speeder? Is it in a deleted scene? Or is it from one of the novels?
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Why is there so little merchandise with the Serenity logo? [closed]

This logo seems great for T-shirts and the like. But I've only seen it a few times, in places that rapidly go out of stock, which makes me think it's not an official thing. Why, when there are so many ...
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Whose underwear is this?

Okay, this is a bit different.... My son recently got underwear for his birthday. The underwear came in a set of 5, packaged as Justice League underwear. On the packaging, you can see The Flash, ...
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