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Metamaterials are a synthetic composite material with a structure such that it exhibits properties not usually found in natural materials, esp. a negative refractive index. In Science Fiction, metamaterials are alloys and/or structures that have super powers or amazing abilities.

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Are there any known DC super metals besides Nth? [duplicate]

Thinking about it, we know the Marvel universe, Comic, animated, TV and movie, has a number of cool super metals... Adamantium has heavy molecular density and bonds, but light weight, is resistant to ...
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Can SCP-96 track down and kill anyone who has seen its face?

In the "file" of SCP-96, it states that after a person views its face (this person becoming SCP-96-1) "no known material or method can impede SCP-96’s progress" Does this mean this SCP can track down ...
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Wait, does Superman's heat vision generate "superheat"?

So this answer mentions a material called "Supermanium", which is apparently the substance used to craft Superman's Supermobile aircraft. a metal so strong that "only Superman's heat vision can ...
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What are the indestructible materials in DC Universe?

The strongest materials in the Marvel universe are Vibranium and Adamantium. In the Star Wars universe there is Cortosis, with a special resistance against energy weapons like blasters and lightsabers....
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What is the first reference of solid metallic hydrogen as a tool in science fiction?

There is much talking in recent days about solid metallic hydrogen and its possible uses. When was it referenced in a science fiction story for the first time? Please note that I am asking about its ...
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Why wasn't Grievous' body constructed with lightsaber-resistant material?

Considering there is a long list of lightsaber-resistant materials, I wonder why none was used in the construction of Grievous' body. An answer to a similar question has noted that such materials ...
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What is the fluid in Rorschach's mask?

Rorschach's mask consists of two black and white fluids as stated in Wikia. Rorschach's mask (which he refers to as his "face") consisted of a specialized fabric, one that was actually two layers ...
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Book title pre-1988 about first earth warp-drive ship design

I read a book in 1988/89 about a team building Earth's first warp drive space ship. The protagonist is involved in a crash of an early design and is horribly burnt. Experimental treatments keep him ...
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Where did the concept of Adamantium come from, and is it used in other Sci-Fi works outside of X-Men?

I'm interested in the alloy that gave us Wolverine's claws. I want to know where the idea came from, how was the name determined? Was it just completely random? Where did the concept come from? Who ...
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Are the explanations for Mass Effect technology realistically plausible? [closed]

In the popular video game Mass Effect on Xbox, you can find explanations about the technology that is used in the game. It seems that some of the technology is based on things that could be realized ...
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