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Minions is a 2015 American 3D computer-animated family comedy film, and a prequel/spin-off to the Despicable Me franchise.

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Did Gru Make more minions?

This question answers the question of where the minions came from. However, it contradicts what is said the the short "Orientation Day" We're more than co workers we're family, after all we are ...
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Can minions actually die?

They seem to be able to live forever or at least an incredibly long time. They befriend the biggest threats towards their life, they can also survive in space. Can a minion die? Under what ...
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18 votes
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How long do the Minions live?

At the very beginning of the Minions movie, we are introduced to Norbert, coming out of the water wearing nothing, realizing his nudity, and covering himself... inappropriately. The voiceover states ...
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What language(s) do the Minions speak?

In the Minions movie, the Minions seem to speak bits and pieces of at least English and Italian (I think). For example, when counting, they count, 'uno, duo, tree'. When they wanted to know what was ...
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What was Scarlet's original plan for the Minions?

In the Minions movie, after Bob becomes the King of England, we see that Scarlet Overkill turns against the Minions. Did Scarlet originally plan to turn against them after using them to get the ...
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