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A 1956 short story by Philip K. Dick that questions the existence of free will. The short story spawned the creation of many further works by Dick as well as a block buster film staring Tom Cruise.

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Wouldn't this vision present a logical paradox?

At the end of the film it is revealed that... Why did think that the precogs would envision a murder that would only take place as a result of their vision? Wouldn't it be a more logical assumption ...
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Is a life sentence necessary for all potential murderers in The Minority Report [closed]

For the sake of keeping things tidy, I will make this point clear. This question pertains to the short story, not the movie and not the TV series. The prophylactic incarceration of criminals in The ...
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Why not continue to prevent murders?

In the movie Minority Report (2002), while Pre-Crime was in operation, there were nearly zero murders. Then, after the flaws of the system were uncovered, they had to shut it down. I understand ...
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What is the future currency design in the "Minority Report" tv series?

In the first episode glimpses of money did not look like our bills, and I wondered if it was Canadian, but the show is set in Washington DC. In episode 4 was a better view (Valorum posted a screen ...
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Is the ending of Minority Report halo-induced?

In Steven Spielberg's Minority Report (2002), John Anderton is fitted with a device called a "halo". The device puts him into a perpetual sleep state as punishment for pre-murder. Before Anderton is ...
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Why so many SF works includes transparent LCD screens?

"Minority Report" is the first thing, that comes to my mind. But, of course, there are so many other SF examples... as well as many CSI-like-absolutely-no-SF-movies etc. Why? What is the reason for ...
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Any evidence that Gideon knew what was going on?

In Minority Report, Gideon (the guy who looks after the "haloed" criminals) seems pretty snide and makes a few poignant predictions ("don't dig up the past"). Is there any evidence that he actually ...
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Do the Pre-cogs detect suicides?

Leo Crow essentially commits suicide in the movie. This is contrary to what the pre-cogs predicted, but it is a death of passion. If Agatha had been in the temple, would the pre-cogs have created a ...
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Was there a Minority Report for John Anderton?

In Agatha's vision we see that John kills Crow soon after saying "Goodbye Crow", which does happen later. However, it does not happen at the time that Agatha's vision predicts. We see that John does ...
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Why do precogs shiver before they make any prediction?

In the Minority Report movie there are precogs who can predict some events that will occur in the near future. Why do precogs shiver before they make any prediction?
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Why was it necessary to frame the main character in Minority Report?

QUESTION CONTAINS MANY SPOILERS FOR ENTIRE PLOT OF THE FILM MINORITY REPORT In Minority Report, the elderly Lamar Burgess frames John Anderton for the murder of Leo Crow. However, I can't figure out ...
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In Minority Report, how did they use the Pre-Cogs to frame someone?

Ok, so I want to frame someone for a murder and get the pre-cogs to predict it. So I get a stooge to pretend he has murdered my victim's son, knowing full-well that he will murder him when he finds ...
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Why didn't the precogs see Anderton/Burgess' alternate futures in the movie?

In Minority Report (the movie version) why didn't the precogs see the alternate future that Anderton/Burgess created for themselves? I won't go into the details of what happened in the short story as ...
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Minority Report - How was PreCrime supposed to go national?

In the movie Minority Report, there is a lot of build up to the nation wide release of PreCrime. But in the movie the precogs only have a range that entends to the greater D.C. area. And the seemingly ...
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