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Mobile Suit Gundam, also known as First Gundam, Gundam 0079, or simply Gundam '79 is a televised anime series, spanning 43 episodes. It was the very first Gundam series, and has subsequently been adapted into numerous sequels and spin-offs. Text adapted from Wikipedia article "Mobile Suit Gundam", licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Whatever happened to Uso's dad?

In Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Uso Ewin's father, Hangelg, is present in the final battle of the series on the bridge of the Earth Federation's flagship, the Jeanne D'Arc. Late into the battle, the ...
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What’s this gundam?

Some time between 2005-2008, I watched a movie involving big gundam robots (my parents had a DVD if it, so it could be a good deal older). I do not recall much, I’m mainly going off a picture I drew ...
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Is there a limit to Gundam 00 Raiser's power?

From Gundam 00, one of the noteably most powerful Mobile Suits in the series and perhaps in the Gundam Universe was 00 Raiser. It is seen in at least one episode where 00 Raiser enters Trans-Am mode ...
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Where did the space-suit design used in Mobile Suit Gundam by the Zeons originate, or did it originate from Gundam?

As the title says. I swear I've seen sci-fi art from before then that had similar suit designs, seen here, and I'm curious of who came up with it originally. It's sort of difficult to find other ...
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Does MS IGLOO take place before or after the first Mobile Suit Gundam?

The Gundam Wiki says that MS IGLOO is chronologically before the First Gundam. But there was a list in here saying that after the First Gundam, there followed 08th MS Team, then War in the Pocket, and ...
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Why can characters walk/run on space ships in Gundam?

I was watching Zeta and realized that characters seem to walk or even run around fine for the most part, but then when they need to move quickly or ascend, they simply jump and float to where they ...
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Anime where character finds buried mech suit [closed]

I’m looking for an anime I remember from many years ago, I want to say it is a Gundam series but I can’t recall. I remember the character finding a mecha suit buried for some reason and when he got ...
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What is the actual purpose of the monoeyes on Zeon mobile suits?

One of the most recognisable characteristics of a Zeon mobile suit is its monoeye. Typically illuminated magenta, this large circular camera swivels around from side to side, perhaps also up and ...
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Is there a discrepancy in Turn A Gundam timeline?

I have read that Tomino stated that Turn A Gundam is supposed to be set 500 years before Gundam Reconguista in G (which itself was stated to take place around 1000 years after UC). Here's what I don'...
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How did Zeon militarize before the One Year War?

My question is how was the Principality of Zeon was able to militarize itself so quickly right under the Earth Federation's nose. I've only watched the Mobile Suit Gundam movie trilogy, so it may have ...
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Why do Gundam robots have eyes anyway?

So, for the longest time, I assumed the mobile suits in Gundam had cameras in their eyes for the pilot to see from inside the closed cockpit. However, I learned that, in fact, the camera was in the ...
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Looking for an instrumental piano piece in a sci-fi series

I have a DISTINCT memory of a piano instrumental in one of the Gundam series' that aired on Toonami, presumably in the early 2000's or late 90's. I didn't follow the series, but I distinctly remember ...
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Why was the "UC Project" aptly named?

In the dub of Gundam Unicorn Episode 3, "The Ghost of Laplace", Full Frontal says Universal Century is approaching its hundredth year. The U.C. Project was aptly named, indeed. at about 19:50. ...
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Gundam episode with scientists sealed in outer space, oxygen turned off

Around 10 years ago, I was watching Cartoon Network (Toonami) and I saw a scene from an episode of what I believe to be one of the Gundam series. In that scene, a half dozen or so older scientists ...
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Why were the Gundams being sent into the Sun?

In the Gundam Wing epilogue film, Endless Waltz, the film opens with a project to send the Gundams into the Sun in order to destroy them. However, aren't Gundams made of metal and computer ...
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Can Laser Weapons Work Under Water? [closed]

Can a laser or laser beam travel through water? I saw a battle scene in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season 4, episodes 1 and 2 where they are exchanging laser blasters. Though I don't know anything ...
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What is the chronology of the Gundam series?

There are, roughly speaking, a zillion series under the umbrella of Mobile Suit Gundam. I personally loved Gundam Wing but I do know that it exists in an alternate timeline from the rest of the series....
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