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Questions tagged [morgan]

For questions on [morgan], a 2016 science fiction horror film directed by Luke Scott. The story revolves around a corporate 'risk-management consultant' (Kate Mara) tasked with the decision to terminate an artificially created biological entity. Mayhem ensues when Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) escapes her confinement.

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Are these Helsinki Incidents the same?

In the 2016 movie, Morgan, there is discussion of the "Helsinki Incident"; Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), the risk management consultant, says that she was there "after", not during the situation. There ...
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Why is she looking at her hands in the end in movie Morgan?

In the last scene of Morgan we see Lee looking at her hands. During her evaluation, Morgan also looked at her hands (palms up, palms down) in same way. Is there connection between Lee and Morgan? Why ...
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