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For questions about the Marvel character Ms Marvel, real name Kamala Khan, who debuted in 2013. Use in conjunction with the [marvel] tag. For questions about the MCU series of the same name use the [ms-marvel-2022] tag instead.

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Where did Kamala Khan go when she put on the bracelet for the first time?

In the first episode of Disney+ Ms. Marvel, Kamala goes to a different dimension when she puts the bracelet on. What's that place where she goes to? The commentary for the episode says she falls into ...
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What is the story containing the "incursion zone" event from Ms. Marvel (2014) #17

I just finished the 2014 Ms. Marvel series. In issue #17, Captain Marvel tells Kamala that the strange, red planet-like thing in the sky of Manhattan is an "incursion zone", and, in the ...
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When did Gwenpool meet Ms. Marvel?

In Champions Vol 2 #5, Gwenpool tells the Champions that she's met Ms. Marvel before. I want to see this meeting for myself, but I don’t know what comic it happened in. When did Gwenpool meet Ms. ...
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What should I read to see what happened with Ms Marvel during the Secret Wars?

I just picked up the Ms Marvel TPB Vol 5 (Super Famous), which I was disappointed to discover does not pick up directly after Vol 4 (Last Days). Although, I am happy to see the series continue, ...
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How is Kamala Khan's name pronounced?

Kamala Khan is the current Ms. Marvel. How is her name pronounced? I assume that her last name is pronounced the same way that Shatner says it, but what about her first name? Camel-a? Cam-ah-la? Cay-...
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