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Use for questions about "Ms. Marvel", a 2022 TV series featuring Kamala Khan, a Pakistani girl from Jersey who idolizes Captain Marvel, and attains cosmic powers. Always use in conjunction with the [marvel] and [marvel-cinematic-universe] tags. For questions about the character use [ms-marvel].

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How did Kamala do this in The Marvels?

In the newly released The Marvels, towards the end of the movie, Kamala Khan  How does she do this? I thought that her powers were enabled Or is there something that I am missing? Note that Marvel ...
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Why are there so many rumors / bad feelings about Aisha?

There seems to be a lot of bad feelings towards Aisha, with one character saying she had a secret affair, and her granddaughter Muneeba says she brought shame on the whole family. But Sana, Aisha's ...
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What TV show is playing in the first episode of Ms. Marvel?

In the first episode, Kamala Khan gets home and lies on a sofa and watches the TV only to be interrupted by her mother's complaining about the material she is seeing. The image was flipped upside down ...
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How did Kamran gain his powers?

In the penultimate episode of Ms. Marvel, Najma imbues Kamran with powers almost identical to Kamala's, I don't understand how Najma could bestow these powers when she herself never had them to begin ...
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Has any comics version of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) had light-based powers?

In the Ms. Marvel TV series, Kamala Khan's powers appear to center around the ability to create solid constructs out of light. By contrast, the main 616 version of Kamala Khan has traditionally had ...
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Are the Noor and the Lightforce the same thing?

In Cloak & Dagger, the Lightforce is an energy from a "light" dimension, in contrast to the Darkforce from a "dark" dimension. Dagger (Tandy Bowen) can form the Lightforce into ...
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How did the Veil open (and close)?

In Episode 5 of Ms. Marvel, the Veil separating the human world from the Noor Dimension suddenly opens for no apparent reason. One of the Clandestines tries to go through it and is gruesomely ...
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Is the apparent superstrength and durability of the Djinn inherent?

Within the 2022 Ms. Marvel TV show, in the third episode, "Destiny", there was a recent reveal that During the episode, it's shown that Is this because Or is there something required to ...
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What is the status of Marvel Comics as a company in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

In Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 1 "Generation Why", while Kamala and Bruno were in AvengerCon, it is shown that some of the merchandise there has the logo of the real-life Marvel Comics. In ...
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Where did Kamala Khan go when she put on the bracelet for the first time?

In the first episode of Disney+ Ms. Marvel, Kamala goes to a different dimension when she puts the bracelet on. What's that place where she goes to? The commentary for the episode says she falls into ...
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