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A tag devoted to the identification—and possible explanation—of musical cues or scores in a work.

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Music video about family awaiting end of the world by meteors

I'd like to identify a music video with a definite sci-fi theme. I saw it during a random surf of YouTube 2-4 years ago. I've no idea who the actress was but I believe it was a female singer as the MC ...
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Did anyone else hear Franz Liszt's Transcendental Etude no 12 (Chasse-Neige) in Frozen II?

I was watching Frozen II at the cinemas today, and I was listening to some of the background music, and I'm pretty sure that I heard Franz Liszt's 12th Transcendental Etude in some of it. It was ...
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A sci-fi music video where there’s one guy with one big eye who runs away from people with mouths for a head

So I know it’s weird. I’m pretty sure it was in English. I don’t remember the music style but I’ve been looking for this clip for like 15years now… it was on TV so I guess it’s not that edgy? And I’m ...
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What is the music playing at the dance in the SG-1 episode "Chimera"?

In the SG-1 episode "Chimera" (starting at 19:25 in the linked video), Pete takes Sam to a dance. When they arrive, the band is playing a tune which starts off sounding like a sort of melodically ...
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Identify this music track used in 50s and 60s sci-fi films dubbed into Spanish

I have a question that maybe someone may be able to help me with. I grew up in South America and all Scifi films from the 50's and 60's were dubbed into Spanish. Very often the company doing the ...
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What is this robot/computer music album, with titles involving terms such as "memory" and "fragmentation"?

It must have been 2020 or earlier when, on a (now deleted) tumblr blog, I found a link to some sort of music page (bandcamp perhaps?) with I believe a blue-ish colour scheme that had several tracks ...
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What's the track when Burnham goes into the future?

In this scene from Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 finale. It starts 17 seconds in, when she signals the Discovery to follow her. I attempted to search for it myself and came across Time Traveller, but ...
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Third Rock from the Sun S02E22: "Will work for Dick": What music is Nina listening to?

In Third Rock from the Sun, S02E22: "Will work for Dick", at around the 18 minute mark, when Dick barges into her home, Nina is relaxing listening to some kind of Jazzy music. We only hear ...
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What song is playing in Naruto: Shippuden season 6 episode 117 at 2:49?

There is a scene where Jugo and Kimimaro meet. Jugo wants to fight him first and he runs in Kimimaro's direction, but then he realizes that it is actually Kimimaro. Then a song plays. What is that ...
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Title of music in Psycho-Pass ep 04

I have been searching online for many hours if the music that plays in episode 4 of Psycho-Pass from 16:11 to 18:11 (visit to the EXOSET disco) exists. What is the title of the music? https://www....
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