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For questions about "Myth Adventures", a whimsical fantasy series created by Robert Lynn Aspirin and Jody Lynn Nye

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Is there a pun in the name of Ori species / dimensions in the Myth Adventures series?

As Wikipedia notes most of the known dimensions and their puns, but doesn't say that the Ori species / dimension's pun, if it exists. Ori: A dimension whose inhabitants resemble house cats. Is there ...
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Did Phil Foglio introduce the trope that platypuses don't do anything?

In Phineas and Ferb, the joke is that humans think platypuses don't do anything, and yet Perry is actually a secret agent. Even though "Perry doesn't do anything," they love him and he's important to ...
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Why is Aahz running around in his underwear?

I read some of the early Myth Adventures books quite some time ago. I don't remember any specific description of Aahz's clothes, but I find it hard to believe Asprin would forget to mention it if ...
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What race are Guido and Nunzio?

I was recently helping to answer a question where someone was seeking out the Myth-Adventures series by Robert Asprin. I was describing several characters and where they come from and I came to Guido ...
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Why did Gleep almost fry Tanda?

In the later MythAdventures novels, there are several references to Gleep almost frying Tanda with his breath. Chumley manages to knock Tanda out of the way, saving her, but also managing to injure ...
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