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For questions about names: of characters, including titles, nicknames, and honorifics; of in-universe locations, e.g. countries or planets; or of objects, e.g. vessels, weapons, etc. Questions can be in-universe or out-of-universe, about topics such as origins, meanings, usage and pronunciation. For questions about the title of a work of sci-fi or fantasy, use the [title-explanation] tag instead.

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Was the word 'Warcraft' ever used in-universe?

According to Wikipedia, the name 'Warcraft' was chosen for no particular reason other than that it sounded cool. The Wikipedia links to this article that discussed the origin of the name in more ...
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Where did the name "Marvin" come from?

It is documented that the character of Marvin the android was based on Andrew Marshall. Wikipedia further suggests that his name originally was Marshall, but was changed to avoid offense and also to ...
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What is the out-of-universe reason Lucifer Morningstar's new bar called "Ex Lux"?

In Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, Lucifer Morningstar gets tired of Hell and comes to Earth, to start a piano bar called "Lux" (best bar in Los Angeles!). The bar has been thoroughly exploited in Mike ...
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Did C. S. Lewis indicate how he chose the name "Tash" for the Calormene's demon-god?

I recently learned that there is an archeological site near Aleppo along the Syrian-Turkish border, called "Arslan Tash." The name means "lion stone," apparently in reference to ...
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Why is "Droxine" a name appropriate for someone beautiful and pleasant?

In Star Trek, season 3, episode 21, "The Cloud Minders", Spock is considering his surroundings at the time, and one of its residents: Here on Stratos, everything is incomparably beautiful ...
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Was Marvel's Falcon named after the original Uncle Sam?

The original character of Falcon debuted in Captain America no. 117 (1969) and soon became Cap's partner/sidekick. In his second appearance, it was revealed that the character's actual name was Sam ...
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Viridis and felodon: shared worldbuilding?

A recent question in the "Hal Clement challenge" asked if there was any meaning or significance to the name "felodon", an amphibian carnivore with large fangs that featured in ...
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Did Timothy Zahn name Grand Admiral Thrawn after himself?

It's always struck me that Grand Admiral Thrawn's name rhymes with that of his creator, Timothy Zahn. Thrawn also doesn't seem to be based on anything in English or anything else I'm familiar with. ...
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What do the Others call themselves?

LOST features a group known by various names, including "the Others," "the Natives," "the Hostiles," and simply "Them." However, what they call themselves is never really made clear. They only use ...
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Has anyone ever acknowledged this interpretation of the name of the Galactica?

Before Edwin Hubble discovered the true distance to objects such as the Andromeda "Nebula", it was widely believed that all the stars in the universe were contained within the Milky Way, ...
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Was Gene Wolfe the first to use the animal-plant-mineral naming convention

In The Book of the Long Sun, Gene Wolfe uses the convention that male characters are named for animals or things derived from animals, female characters are named for plants or things derived from ...
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What is Neri's full name?

In Ocean Girl, what is Neri's full name? In all the 4 series of Ocean Girl, I never heard anyone mentioning or talking about her full name. Besides Neri had a father and mother still alive, so she ...
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What is Mafalda’s surname?

There exists a character that was cut from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the book). Her name was Mafalda and she was a cousin to the Weasleys on Mrs Weasley’s side (the Prewetts). Due to being ...
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