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For use with works of science fiction and fantasy involving the National Socialist German Workers' Party, the state apparatus of Nazi Germany (1933-1945), and post-war neo-Nazi groups.

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Novella about meat creatures from another dimension that are released by Nazi magic

I can remember quite a bit about this novella, but I can't find it again and it's driving me nuts. Pretty sure it was published before 2000, but I am not sure; I know a man wrote it. Two college kids ...
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Lovecraftian WW2 sci fi novel with three Nazi villains who had wires coming out of their heads, connected to batteries, that gave them their powers

I'm trying to remember a book I read. This would have been around 2017. I believe it was part of a trilogy. It had a Lovecraft vibe; the bad guys were at least 3 Nazis, 2 of whom were brother and ...
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Fantasy novella about a protagonist who's transported to Nazi Germany; involves magic tied to the Equinox

Novella where the protagonist is not powerful in their home universe, but is transported to Nazi Germany. Very sensitive to the eyeglasses taken from concentration camp. Power truly blooms when he ...
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Name of book about faxing people

I have been trying to identify a book that I read years ago. It is about time travel and involved “faxing” people. The Nazis were trying to perfect this in World War II. However, people were caught ...
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Comic with a symbiotic spaceman who meets a robot inhabited by Hitler's brain

A comic book probably of European origin from the late 1970s or early 1980s. The symbiote is a man with a small limpet-shaped node onto his cerebral cortex. This node is sentient and communicates with ...
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Nazi UFO Trilogy

Trilogy of novels (I am almost certain they were paperback originals), by an American author and published in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Nazis develop flying saucers & flee Germany at the end ...
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Alternate Reality with Nazis and Gnostic Demiurge

I've been looking for a book that I read years ago in the mid '90s, but without success. The story started in current-day rural America. Within the first couple of chapters, something happens and the ...
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Story about the invention of a mind reader artifact commissioned by Hitler to unmask a traitor

About twelve years ago, I started to read a story online (in English) from a website that I don't remember. I know for sure that the title of the story was related to a biblical element. At one-third ...
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Why was Nazi imagery used for the Rebellion in A New Hope? [closed]

It's no secret that Nazi imagery was the major inspiration for Galactic Empire, from costume and weapon designs to how the villains are shot and framed. However, in at least one instance, it's the ...
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Is the name of the "Whills" from Star Wars a reference to Triumph of the Will?

George Lucas has, on numerous occasions, made it clear that he admires the Leni Riefenstahl's work on Triumph of the Will (a famous Nazi propaganda film showing the highlights of the 1934 Nazi Party ...
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What was the first work involving Nazis and occult magic?

There is a pretty common theme in pulp period stories involving Nazis of the Nazis being involved with searching for or wielding evil magic. To me, this is most associated with the Indiana Jones ...
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