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Questions tagged [neuromancer]

For use when referring to the sci-fi 1984 novel by William Gibson about a hacker being hired to pull off the ultimate hack. The first of the Sprawl Trilogy.

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Why did the Tessier-Ashpool family create two separate AIs?

Why did the Tessier-Ashpool family create two separate AIs with an assigned mission to find each other? I never understood the actual practical reason for that so it just felt like a MacGuffin, an ...
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Do we know anything about how Neuromancer was edited?

William Gibson’s Neuromancer has somewhat of a reputation for being a challenging read. While some of this is due to neologisms and dense prose, reading the book left me with the impression that many ...
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What is Peter Riviera's objective/motivation?

In William Gibson's Neuromancer, the character Peter Riviera is initially nominally allied with Case and portrayed as possessing the ability to intrude into the minds of bystanders/audiences/...
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Is anything known about the entity in the Centauri system that the matrix was talking to?

At the very end of Neuromancer the matrix (the AI combination of Wintermute and Neuromancer isn't given a name) says that it's talking with another AI in "Centauri system." The end of Mona Lisa ...
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What is the difference between a Hosaka, Ono-Sendai, and a "deck"?

In Neuromancer, Gibson uses the terms Hosaka, Ono-Sendai, and "deck" interchangeably. The Ono-Sendai is a "matrix simulator" and the Hosaka is a computer. The "deck" is slang for one of the items, but ...
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What's with all those "thimbles" in Neuromancer?

I'm currently reading Neuromancer, and as somebody for whom English is their second language, understanding Gibson's fanciful vocabulary is quite a challenge. Now there is one particular term - "...
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Radio Adaptation of Neuromancer

In 2003, I heard part of a radio adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer on XM Radio, shortly after I had finished reading the book for the first time. Unfortunately, I had a flight to catch and ...
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What color was the sky above the port in Neuromancer?

Neuromancer, published in '84, famously opens with the line The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. I've always interpreted this to mean "gray", if not ...
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Are there other effects of the mycotoxin besides preventing to access the cyberspace?

In the Neuromancer, Case got infected with a mycotoxin, which damaged his brain and prevents him to access the cyberspace. Strapped to a bed in a Memphis hotel, his talent burning out micron by ...
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In Neuromancer: why Case?

My question is simple, and I apologise in advance if I'm missing something obvious. Why Case? Molly herself raises the issue: "Like something tells him [Armitage] to go off to Chiba, pick up a ...
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Was Trinity (The Matrix) based on Molly (Neuromancer)?

I just started reading Neuromancer, and found Molly being very much like Trinity from the Matrix: similar clothing, proficiency in combat, sometimes cold attitude, even the black sunglasses/lenses. ...
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How much time passes between the beginning of Neuromancer and Case visiting the Chatsubo near the end of the book?

When he decides to call back in there, Ratz acts like he doesn't recognise him and shows complete indifference. I am wondering how much time has passed at that point, or if in fact there is some ...
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Neuromancer: What is the "sprawl"?

In William Gibson's novel Neuromancer the word "sprawl" is often used, which is also reflected in the title "Sprawl Trilogy". My problem is that I am reading the German translation of the book, but ...
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28 votes
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Origin of word "matrix" used to describe a virtual reality environment?

What's the origin of the word "Matrix" used as either a name or a description of a virtual reality environment? The best known example is of course from the film of the same name, and it's widely ...
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Why doesn't Neuromancer want to merge with Wintermute?

In William Gibson's novel Neuromancer, we come to learn that the final heist at Villa Straylight, and the events leading up to it, have largely been orchestrated by the artificial intelligence ...
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14 votes
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What is the meaning of wasps nest symbolism from Neuromancer?

What is the meaning of wasps nest symbolism from Neuromancer ? When Case had some mental problems he recalled a memory of a broken wasps nest a few times.
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What is the password at the end of Neuromancer?

I just finished William Gibson's Neuromancer and I'm still puzzled by the famous password that Lady 3Jane is the only one to know, the password needed to remove the restraining bolt on Wintermute. ...
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