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Questions tagged [nightcrawler]

For questions about the Marvel Comics mutant superhero and X-Men member "Nightcrawler", whose primary power is teleporting himself and others over short distances. He also possesses enhanced agility, reflexes, adhesive appendages for climbing, a prehensile tail, and night vision. Always use in conjunction with the [marvel] tag, and add relevant work and media tags where appropriate.

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6 votes
1 answer

Has Nightcrawler, in any canon, teleported into a solid object?

I was reading some of the recent questions about Nightcrawler, and it led me to my own question. It's common knowledge that Nightcrawler doesn't like to do blind teleports for fear of colliding with a ...
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Where was Nightcrawler during Infinity Crusade?

In the Infinity Crusade (1993) limited series, heroes are separated into two groups - those who have some type of religious belief, and those who don't (to put it simply). There are scenes of lots of ...
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10 votes
5 answers

How does Nightcrawler's teleportation ability work during high-speed movement?

From a physics standpoint, it is a well-known fact that a moving object will only have its speed changed if another force is applied to it. This is called inertia. There are more implications to this, ...
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10 votes
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Have Spider-Man and Nightcrawler fought before?

Have Spider-Man and Nightcrawler fought before? If so, who won?
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Why do people say Kurt Wagner (a.k.a. Nightcrawler) is a prankster?

I've only seen one example in "Divided We Fall," where Nightcrawler has a prank war with Wolverine, but other than that, nothing.
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13 votes
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Can Nightcrawler escape Spider-Man's web by teleporting?

My 5-year-old son has been garnering an interest in Marvel superheroes and is a particular fan of Spider-Man. I recently showed him the Marvel Super Heroes Storybook Collection (Amazon link), where it ...
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8 votes
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When was Mystique declared mother to Nightcrawler?

According to the Marvel wiki, Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother.  When was this declared in the comic book? I do know that they mentioned it in both the 1990s X-Men cartoon and the X-Men: Evolution ...
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Which Nightcrawler rescued Wolverine?

In Wolverine: Weapon X #9, Wolverine gets rescued from Dr. Rot by Psylocke and Nightcrawler. In Uncanny X-Force, it's the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler that has joined Psylocke, Wolverine, etc. Is ...
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14 votes
3 answers

What is the limitation of Nightcrawler's teleportation ability?

This has more regard to Nightcrawler's teleportation ability. Every instance in which I've seen him teleport has been within a room or given space. In the old Sega Genesis games (not sure how closely ...
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7 votes
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Why does Nightcrawler get called "elf"?

Why does Nightcrawler get called "elf" by the X-Men? I thought he was a mutant human, like the rest.
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14 votes
2 answers

Did Nightcrawler ever get to be a priest?

Nightcrawler for a long time thought he had managed to become an ordained priest, but for some reason this was retconned as an illusion and all his hard work was undone. Did he eventually become a ...
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