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Questions tagged [nights-dawn-trilogy]

A trilogy of science fiction novels written by Peter F. Hamilton. Humanity has spread to the stars, but a chance encounter with an alien causes a breach between this universe and purgatory, allowing souls to escape and possess the living

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Is it ever said what bloomed from Penny Maowkavitz's grave?

I've just finshed reading the short fiction A Second Chance at Eden by Peter F. Hamilton, from the book of the same name. In the scene of Penny Maowkavitz's funeral, it's said that a seed of her own ...
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Does "A Second Chance at Eden" require knowledge of "The Night's Dawn" trilogy or can it be stand-alone?

I am very familiar with The Night's Dawn trilogy but only recently found out about this collection of short stories - one of which was apparently adapted into an episode of "Love, Death & ...
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Night's Dawn - P F Hamilton - Quinn Dextor's Possession

Just completed the trilogy and although I liked it, there were a few oddities. Maybe I am remembering it incorrectly but when Quinn Dextor left Lalonde on the Lady Mac he was still Quinn Dextor, ...
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Night's Dawn, The Naked God confusion

I'm re-reading the Peter Hamilton Night's Dawn trilogy and am confused at this extract from book 3 (I think each book was in 2 parts in the USA) The Naked God - chapter 8. Louise and her sister ...
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Peter F. Hamilton Night's Dawn: Zero-Tau technology

I am in the process of reading the Night's Dawn trilogy by Hamilton. I think we can consider it hard sci-fi, since the explanations provided are quite plausible for all the technical and scientific ...
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Why did the 'Reality Dysfunction' book series end with a Deus ex Machina?

Why did the 'Reality Dysfunction' book series end with a Deus ex Machina? I mean he runs across a sentient super computer black hole with limitless power acting as a wish granting genie? I ...
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How can possessed from different regions and time periods talk the same language?

Spirits coming back to possess are coming from widely different epochs and regions. How come they all speak English?
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Why does Laton devote his life to figure out uploading his conciousness to shell beings when other Edenists already do this?

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who have not read the Nights Dawn trilogy then there are massive spoilers in this question. In the first book we are introduced to the character Laton, a former Edenist ...
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Why did Charlie end up on the penal planet?

In the closing chapter of The Naked God, we find André Duchamp greeted upon landing by a young man introducing himself as Charles Montgomery David Filton-Asquith, who we know as Charlie of B7. My ...
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Why Does Louise Sleep With Andy Behoo?

In Peter F Hamilton's Night's Dawn trilogy, near the end of The Naked God, Louise Kavanagh seeks out Andy Behoo, who she has previously not held in very high regard, and spends the night having sex ...
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What is the reading order for books in Peter F. Hamilton's Confederation Universe?

I want to read this series from the beginning. Just looking at his wikipedia page, it looks like all of his books follow their publishing date, but I was wondering if anyone out there that has read ...
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Do the Night's Dawn Trilogy and the Commonwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton share a universe?

I've read the Commonwealth saga and I am considering reading the Night's Dawn trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton. What is the relationship of the universes between the two series? I was under the impression ...
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