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Questions tagged [northern-lights]

Use this tag for questions about "Northern Lights", the first novel in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman released in 1995. The novel, in the US, and the live-action film adaptation are known as Golden Compass . The story follows the orphan Lyra and her soul-familiar who end up leaving an alternate reality Oxford on an adventure about the nature of their world, and the ways to other worlds. Always use in conjunction with [his-dark-materials].

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5 votes
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Looking for Philip Pullman quote re imaginary numbers and possibly daemons/dæmons

Besides the term 'imaginary numbers' being used in the actual books: Adam and Eve are like imaginary numbers, like the square root of minus one… If you include it in your equation, you can calculate ...
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Do People have pets in Lyra's world?

In the Lyra's universe people have a daemon, an animal version of themselves. However do they also have normal animal pets (Cats, dogs etc) or does the deamon fill this role?
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7 votes
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Difference between 'intercision' in Northern Lights and being attacked by a Spectre?

In Northern Lights, children (and the adult nurses) undergo intercision at Bolvangar. Many of the children die, but some like Tony Makarios survive (if only for a time) and adults definitely survive. ...
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7 votes
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What are the differences between the dæmons of adults and children?

What are the differences in adult and child dæmons other than that adult's daemons can't change form. I assume there are other differences because in "The Northern Lights" (Golden Compass in US) it ...
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Why do Panserbjørns speak English?

Is there a backstory to explain why the bears speak English? In Golden Compass it doesn't even seem like they have their own native language (I haven't read further). Why would that make sense (in-...
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Is the movie rendition of the Golden Compass significantly different from the book?

I've seen some reviews which claim that all religious related subtext was subdued or removed from the movie. Did this result in a movie which is significantly different from the book?
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