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Questions tagged [object-identification]

For questions asking for identification of a science fiction or fantasy object. Please include an image of the object, or a link to the object, with the question, For identification of a character use [character-identification] instead and for identification of a story use [story-identification] instead.

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Looking for details on this 'creation': Monod with his Ego-Puppet

Graphic artist Wayne Barlowe published a book Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy, wherein he depicts various creatures and characters from a wide range of fantasy works by different writers including Clive ...
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Can you identify this spaceship?

This is a picture from "Top Secret", a games magazine from Poland published in 1989. Some of the pictures in the magazine they drew themselves. But many others were just cropped pictures ...
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What nations are represented by the flags in the background in the episode Rapture?

In the season 5 episode "Rapture", during the ceremony scene, in the background we can see a number of colourful flags. One is quite clearly the flag of the Federation... But there are at ...
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What do the colors in the ID plates worn by the Rebel Alliance mean?

We can observe in the movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) that rebel soldiers, snowspeeder pilots and sensor controllers, stationed at Echo Base on Hoth, wore uniforms with distinguishing ...
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Trying to find a firework or Roman candle with a guild steersman on it

Of late, I have decided to start asking here all the various science fiction and fantasy questions that have puzzled me over the years. Today, I have a fireworks identification question. I know this ...
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Yellowish-gold double bars (lieutenant's bars?) on Star Wars characters?

During The Clone Wars series, we see Ahsoka Tano's headband has two yellowish-gold double bars at the temples (looks like lieutenant's bars): We see something similar in The Mandalorian on Bo-Katan ...
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Does the stuffed armadillo in Obi-Wan Kenobi's hut belong to a missing species?

At the beginning of A New Hope, we are introduced to the residence of old hermit Ben Kenobi: A synstone hut located at Tatooine’s Dune Sea. Inside the hut we can see a lot of artifacts. Some of them ...
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What is C-3PO working on in this video?

This awesome PSA from the 70’s is super cool to watch. I love the retro-feel of all the electronics in the room and it kinda makes me think of Andor. It’s driving me crazy but I can’t figure out what ...
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Can anyone identify the powered exoskeleton in this image?

While cataloging some of my sci-fi assorted images, I found this image that I have in my ‘sci-fi dioramas to-do’ folder. If one considers its appearance, the artwork looks like a sketch of some (...
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Which ship classes are depicted in the cover art for the Imperial Radch books?

Which classes of ship are which in the art on the covers of the three books in the Imperial Radch series?
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Do we know who owned the lightsabers that The Path had?

In episode 5 of Obi-Wan Kenobi we land at the Jabiim and the headquarters of The Path. There's a bit of downtime and Obi-Wan has a look about. He notices some Aurebesh writing on the wall with Jedi ...
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What's the green toy set besides Yondu's bed in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"...?

What's the green toy set besides Yondu's bed, during his farewell ceremony in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2...? From what I can tell, it was placed there by Gamora. This video shows the whole scene.
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Which type of cannon does this housing in the remains of the Death Star II belong to?

In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, during the fight between Kylo Ren and Rey on an almost-submerged wreckage of the second Death Star, visible in the background is what appears to be the sole ...
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Jigsaw puzzle with astronaut and alien city

I'm trying to find an image from a jigsaw puzzle I had in the early-mid 1970s. I think I may have seen it on a poster some time later, too. A space-suited astronaut has climbed to the rim of a crater,...
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What fairytale provided Big Jack Horner's staff?

All of Big Jack Horner's tools are explicit references to fairytales, or at the very least famous children's stories/movies. The hand that turns people to gold is from the story of King Midas, the &...
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What is this object seen on the floor in a cutscene from chapter 2 of Bayonetta?

This cutscene is from from chapter 2 of Bayonetta. What is this object on the cell floor seen at 28:30? [][2]
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What are these objects shown in the movie, Avatharam (2014)...?

In the movie, Avatharam (2014), some entities are shown. Here are a few screenshots of them: And here is a video itself: Are these a part of science fiction? What are ...
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What are these weapons in My Adventures with Superman s1e7 "Kiss kiss fall in portal"?

Without getting to specific on spoilers, we see a rack of weapons and arms in My Adventures with Superman s1e7. I recognize a few of these, and from that I can assume most if not all reference ...
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Whose derelict ship do Boimler and Mariner find?

In LD: Where Pleasant Fountains Lie, Ensigns Boimler and Mariner find a crashed starship that AGIMUS tries to influence them to salvage. I've watched and rewatched this scene and can't quite figure ...
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What is the toroidal device that Cassian is carrying to Jedha?

In Rogue One, while Cassian and Jyn try to contact someone who could take them to Saw Gerrera, we can notice that Cassian is carrying a backpack with a big round device with a hose tied to it. The ...
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In E. J. Patten’s book Return to Exile, what is the tree like thing

In the book, Solomon Rose fought one of these things. The tree thing was described as having white eyes and mouth and eyes looked like they were cut out. Also, which identification would be correct?
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What object is Dr. Boyce holding in the briefing room?

In the scene from "The Cage" where the officers agree to use the ship's power to destroy the entrance to the Talosians' underground complex, Dr. Boyce can be seen holding an object that ...
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