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Odin is a Marvel character, known as the father of Thor and the king of Asgard. He was initially a comic book character, based on the god of the same name of Norse mythology, but has also appeared in live-action movies.

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7 votes
2 answers

What was the symbolic significance of Odin breaking his staff?

In Der Ring des Nibelungen, Odin breaks his staff and uses it to set Valhalla on fire. However, his staff had all contracts and covenants in the world written on it, and was seen as protecting law and ...
38 votes
2 answers

How did Odin lose his one eye & why couldn't he fix it?

Provided Odin was a mighty god, it's implausible that someone just knocked his eye off easily. How did he lose his eye exactly? And why is he unable to fix it? He can alter the fabrics of reality ...
21 votes
2 answers

Could Dr. Strange wield Mjolnir?

According to this other question: The person has to be worthy in Odin's eyes, or be able to break the enchantment that Odin placed on the hammer So what I'm really asking is, is Dr. Strange a ...
11 votes
1 answer

Why did Odin turn into sparkles?

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor and Loki find Odin in Norway, but he's at the end of his life and after some heartfelt words, he dies. But instead of having his body fall to the ground, he turns into sparkles,...
6 votes
2 answers

What image did Odin in the MCU have about the inhabitants of Midgard (Earth)?

I was just watching some episodes of Marvel's Avengers Assemble and a question came to mind. In one of the episodes​, Odin argues with Thor about his stay on Earth and his liking for company with ...
4 votes
0 answers

In American Gods is the Myths of the gods, something that happened, or something that emerged as a belief?

One of the central themes of American god lore is that Gods, like Wednesday, Mr.Nancy, Chernobog were made out of people's beliefs. and their existence is tied to the devotion of their followers. But ...
4 votes
1 answer

If Stormbreaker is a ‘King’s Weapon’ why didn’t Odin have it?

I am wondering why Odin didn’t have Stormbreaker since it is a ‘King’s Weapon’, or was the magical staff/spear that he carried around in the Thor movies more powerful than Stormbreaker?
5 votes
1 answer

Is Odin four gods rolled into one?

In Thor #294 it shows that Odin is the fusion of four elder gods of an earlier Asgard. In later issues it says that he is Bor's son. Which is it?
7 votes
1 answer

Why didn't Odin regrow Thor's arm?

In the recent Thor comics, after losing Mjolnir, he also loses his arm to Malekith. Odin calls upon a dwarf to forge him a new arm, composed of Uru. But...why? Odin is a reality warping skyfather who ...
4 votes
1 answer

How does Thor see and speak to Odin after Odin moves on?

During Thor: Ragnarok, there are a few instances where Thor is clearly on the ropes in a fight. On the occasions this happens, Thor appears to see Odin as he was in Norway at the beginning of the ...
16 votes
3 answers

If Odin lost the Tesseract, why couldn't Heimdall tell him where it was?

From the MCU we learn that Asgardians live a lot longer than humans. Loki mentions it to be something like 3000 years on average. So it's safe to say that all the Asgardians we see in the first Thor ...