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A series of novels by John Scalzi in the military sci-fi genre about a future human military recruiting from the ranks of the elderly and transfering their consciousness into new super-powered bodies.

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Depictions of aliens in Old Man's War

For the Old Man's War series are there any sanctioned, visual depictions of what the various aliens species look like? For most of the aliens I can form a mental picture in my head from their ...
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In John Scalzi's "The Human Division," who did Michael Washington work for?

In chapter 4 ("A Voice in the Wilderness") in John Scalzi's The Human Division, the venal talk-radio host Albert Birnbaum is hired (by someone calling himself Michael Washington) to promote ...
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In Scalzi's Last Colony, what happened to the indigenous intelligent life found on Roanoke?

Phrasing this question vaguely to avoid spoilers. Those who have read the book should find it pretty clear. In The Last Colony, there is a sub-plot involving a intelligent native species on the ...
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Why does John Perry name his BrainPal A*hole?

In the novel Old Man's War by John Scalzi, the main character names his Brain embedded computer "A*hole". Other characters similarly name their BrainPals names that would be insults or slurs. Why? It ...
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The Human Division - Who is the Stealing all the Ships?

Okay just finished the Human Division from the Old Man War series and really just got to know. Will we every find out who is stealing the Conclaves and Unions ships? Then are these the same people who ...
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In Scalzi's "The Last Colony", how did the CDF know that Perry offered Gau a chance to surrender?

In John Scalzi's "The Last Colony", John Perry talks with General Gau when General Gau comes to destroy his colony. Perry instead gives him a chance to surrender which General Gau doesn't take and the ...
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Does Scalzi describe what the Rraey look like?

I do not remember what they look like, nor can I find any answer to my question. I'm at the end of Old Man's War, so if you've read the book you can probably understand that trying to visualize them ...
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In Old Man's War why do they hold back technology from Earth?

In Old Man's War, why do they hold back technology from Earth? Does the CDF want to withhold technologies related to cloning and consciousness transfer to preserve their recruiting base for ...
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