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Orphan Black is a Canadian sci-fi television series about clones discovering they are part of an experiment.

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What's the timeline for Orphan Black?

In the final episode of Orphan Black, we see Sarah, Kira, and Felix go fishing. How much time has passed since Sarah witnessed Beth's suicide in S1E1? And for bonus points a bounty, what's the ...
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In Orphan Black, how much do we know about Siobhan Sadler's backstory/activities with the Birdwatchers?

In Orphan Black, when she was younger, Siobhan belonged to/worked with some group called the Birdwatchers, who seem to be some kind of sometimes-violent leftist guerrilla group. They may also be the ...
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Who knows about Helena?

Helena has been shown interacting with Sarah, Alison, their respective families, Cosima, Art, the Proletheans and Project Castor. Veera (MK) probably knows at least some of her story. Olivier met ...
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