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For questions about "Orthogonal", a trilogy of hard sci-fi novels by Greg Egan: "The Clockwork Rocket" (2011), "The Eternal Flame" (2012), and "The Arrows of Time" (2013).

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Greg Egan's Orthogonal: Shape of the cosmos

In Greg Egan's The Clockwork Rocket (the first book in the "Orthogonal" series), Yalda argues that Still, later in The Arrows of Time (the third book), Does this mean (This is essentially a follow-...
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Cosmic topology in Greg Egan's Orthogonal Universe

Eventually the people in the universe of Greg Egan's "Orthogonal" series figure out the topology of their cosmos. But then they say the opposite, that because of the presence of matter. So what ...
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How was the messaging system in The Arrows of Time (Orthogonal #3, by Greg Egan) supposed to work?

In particular, why didn't messages being relayed from the future use up bandwidth and prevent new messages from being sent back?
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Who hired Nick Stavrianos in the first place in Greg Egan's Quarantine?

I think I might have missed something, but who hired the private investigator Nick Stavrianos (by calling him in his dream) to find Laura Andrews in this novel?
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Is exponential population growth in The Amalgam addressed in Greg Egan's books?

The Amalgam is a galaxy-wide conglomerate of intelligent species that have the technology to scan their brains; it turns up in several of Greg Egan's short stories ("Glory" and "Riding the Crocodile")...
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