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For questions about Patrick Rothfuss, an American fantasy novelist, most well known as the author of the Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy. Only use for questions about the author himself, for questions about his works use the specific work tag instead.

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Is Oot's Dream a nod to Patrick Rothfuss?

I have recently started reading Tress of the Emerald Sea, by Brandon Sanderson, and in it there is a boat called Oot's Dream. Oot is the nickname fellow fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss calls one of ...
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How did Skarpi know Kvothe's name in "The Name of the Wind"?

Skarpi is mentioned many times before appearing in the first Kingkiller book. He's mentioned as friend of Kvothe and as a companion of the Chronicler. But his only interactions with Kvothe in Wind ...
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Is Bast Kvothe's son?

(Spoiler alert for Kingkiller) I reread Kingkiller the other day and I found that the term "Reshi," which is what Bast calls Kvothe, almost makes more sense for a father rather than a teacher, as many ...
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Is there a map of the underthing?

Whilst reading the kingkiller chronicles novella 'The slow regard of silent things' I found it quite hard to mentally map out where everything was situated in the underthing. I was reading on my ...
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Is Alora in the 2nd Kingkiller Chronicle an homage to the movie Willow?

I have heard Patrick Rothfuss is a fan of George Lucas's Willow. Did that lead him to use the name Alora (like the baby in Willow, but spelt with an 'A') in his second Kingkiller Chronicle book?
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Does Auri have the Power of names?

So some spoilers for Rothfuss new novella, the slow regard to silent things, towards the end we see that Auri Later we see she even says that one day she'll give Kvothe a new name should he ever need ...
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Is there an explanation for how alchemy works?

In The Kingkiller Chronicles, Patrick Rothfuss provides some rather detailed explanation about how the arcanists' sympathy works. Less background, but still some amount of framework, is provided for ...
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Why does Kvothe resist borrowing more than he needs from Devi?

Kvothe borrows from the gaelet "Demon" Devi on several occasions. Each time, she has a minimum amount that she's willing to lend, which is higher than what Kvothe needs. Each time, Kvothe tries very ...
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What is the name of Kvothe’s mother?

(Spoilers for book two.) I think we have been given enough hints to establish that However, I’m still unclear about her first name. The only mention seems to be in the badly metred mock poem Kvothe’...
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Is there a FAQ or centralized forum/group/list for the Kingkiller Chronicles? [closed]

In high school I was really into the Wheel of Time series, which had a lovely usenet newsgroup and well-maintained FAQ to help centralize discussion of the mysteries in the series. Does anybody know ...
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What is the Cthaeh in Wise Man's Fear?

What is the Cthaeh in Wise Man's Fear? Also, And what is it that Kvothe does that is so horrible? Didn't they sort of imply that he was the cause for the war? Is this Cthaeh supposed to be the ...
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