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Questions tagged [paw-patrol]

For questions about the animated children's TV show "PAW Patrol" that started in 2013.

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Origin story for Paw Patrol

My two year old son has just gotten obsessed with Paw Patrol and I have been forced to watch a number of mind-numbing episodes with him. While watching, I started wondering: How did a ten year old boy ...
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Was the Paw Patrol logo inspired by the 1973 Doctor Who logo?

Recently, Doctor Who announced a new logo that appears to be for its 2023 season, coinciding with the announcement of it coming to Disney Plus: A number of comparisons have been drawn between this ...
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11 votes
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In the PAW Patrol universe, are talking dogs property or equal citizens?

PAW Patrol is centered on apparently sentient dogs who are involved in public service. Are these dogs chattels, like all (non-feral) dogs on Earth, meaning they are simply property to be used, or do ...
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How is PAW Patrol funded?

I was watching PAW Patrol with my niece when I got to thinking that all of that advanced rescue equipment, all of those trucks, ATV's, helicopters, submarines, patrol boats, and other fancy vehicles, ...
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Why doesn't Ryder use the meteor to give himself abilities?

In Mighty Pups, Ryder isn't in the vicinity of the meteor when it gives off its "energy burst" that grants super powers. Ryder builds himself a super-powered flying suit instead to "...
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