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Peanuts was a daily comic strip produced by Charles Schulz. Later it was made into various TV series and animated movies. Its two most famous characters are Charlie Brown, a character who comically always loses at what he is doing, and Snoopy, Charlie's dog, who has quite an active imagination and acts like a human. Use this tag for the comic strip, TV shows and movies.

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1959 Peanuts cartoon about the Fischer ellipsoid (Earth is "pear-shaped")?

The cartoon series Peanuts is fiction and the 1959 strip I'm looking for is related to science, so I'm hoping this is sufficiently on-topic to stay open at least long enough to receive an answer. In ...
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Does the Mickey Mouse universe ever acknowledge non-Disney owned characters?

Peanuts, by Charles Schulz, especially in the later years had a running joke about Spike having Mickey Mouse shoes: Another strip says that they were given to him by Mickey Mouse, but I can't find it....
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How can Snoopy's Doghouse fit so many people?

In this strip I count at least four people plus Snoopy himself going into the Doghouse. There is even room for one more, though the house isn't so big. How do they all fit?
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In Peanuts, do the human characters know what Snoopy's thinking? [closed]

In Peanuts, are the humans aware of what Snoopy is thinking? I know that Charles Schulz was very careful to always place Snoopy's thoughts in a thought bubble as opposed to a speech bubble, but did ...
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