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For questions about the 2014 animated comedy movie "Penguins of Madagascar", based on the eponymous four characters from the "Madagascar" series of films. It takes place after the third film in the series and features the voices of John Malkovich and Benedict Cumberbatch. For questions about the similarly named TV show, use [the-penguins-of-madagascar-2008].

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Was Octavius Brine once human?

The Dreamworks wiki claims that Octavius Brine was a human reality show contestant turned into an octopus. However, I cannot find any evidence of this online, and the transcript does not mention it. ...
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Was Dr. Octavius Brine inspired by Octodad?

In the 2014 science fiction action comedy animated film Penguins of Madagascar, the villain Dr. Octavius Brine is a genetic scientist who is actually an octopus, but masquarades as a human. The ...
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