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For questions about the Pensieve from Harry Potter - what it is and how it's used.

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Could a Death Eater hear the prophecy in a Pensieve memory?

Harry Potter heard the conversation between his father and Sirius in the Pensieve memory of Snape just because Snape was nearby. Could a Death Eater, that was near Harry and Neville when they smashed ...
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Does a Pensieve store more than memories? [duplicate]

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry looks into Snape's memories. He follows his father and the Marauders. Harry stopped in front of the desk and gazed down at his fifteen-year-old ...
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Is Pensieve a pun?

I'm sure that there's a word in the English language that's close to "pensieve" that means something like "contemplative" or "in deep thought". Do we know anything about ...
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Why didn't Harry show Cornelius his memory of what happened at the Graveyard? [duplicate]

After coming back from his duel with Voldemort, Harry was scorned at by Cornelius Fudge. There are 2 questions here: I'm talking about Barty Crouch Jr.'s confession in point 1 Why didn't Harry, ...
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How many times does Dumbledore use the Pensieve in the films?

I wondered how many times the Pensieve is used by Albus Dumbledore in the films?
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In Order of the Phoenix, why doesn't Harry just use a pensieve to prove Voldemort had returned? [duplicate]

At the beginning of Order of the Phoenix, when nobody believes Harry that Voldemort had returned, why didn't he just show everyone what happened via a pensieve. Surely there is no way to dispute the ...
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Fidelius charm interaction with pensieve

Does the fidelius charm protect secrets across pensieves? If a person who is "in" on a secret observes, say 12 Grimmauld Place, for example and then gives a memory to someone who does not know the ...
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Who created the pensieve?

My question is who created the pensieve? It's obviously an ancient object. I've heard different origin stories about it. As in it was found buried underground and that is where Hogwarts was built. It ...
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What would happen if you used a time-turner inside the pensieve?

Since the Pensieve is a 'bubble-of-reality' what would happen if you used a time-turner in a memory? (Pre-Cursed Child time-turners - say five minutes to an hour) Would you go back in time in the real ...
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Can I view someone else's desires from the Mirror of Erised by looking at their memory of the Mirror in the Pensieve?

If one were to look in the Mirror of Erised while in someone else's memory (say the Pensieve or some device like Voldemort's diary) would you see your own desire, or the person whose memory it is? ...
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What happens to my body when I am "inside" a Pensieve? [duplicate]

When I am viewing memories in my Pensieve, what happens to my physical body? From the perspective of an outside observer, do I physically enter the Pensieve or am I merely standing next to it in some ...
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How does one leave a pensieve?

Except for the final time in Deathly Hallow's The Prince's Tale, whenever Harry ventured inside the pensieve, he was either accompanied by Dumbledore from the get-go (in Half-Blood Prince) or he dived ...
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Are Pensieves used for criminal trials?

Pensieves, the memory-storing devices, would be extremely useful in criminal trials, as they would take out the factor of witnesses lying. Or, they could just bypass the whole trial by forcibly ...
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Can you use a Pensieve-memory to explore a place?

For example, if I revisit a memory of mine where I'm inside a castle and talking to someone, can the present-me explore different parts of the castle meanwhile the past-me continues her conversation? ...
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