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Arrr! Criminals who specialize in robbery, traditionally, at sea. Though historical piracy and its imagery have found a place in society's imagination, its more brutal modern counterpart continues to be a problem. They are often featured in science-fiction in space environments with space-vessels as well as in fantasy settings with air or sea vessels.

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Sci-fi book series about the ragtag crew of a spaceship who rescue a superhuman, female scientist imprisoned on an icy planet by a gang of pirates

I'm pretty sure that the cover of one of the books shows a giant lizard that is standing on two feet and has some kind of cyborg parts on his noggin. He's facing outwards, looking at another gigantic ...
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Book involving spaceships with engines that used crystals and a pirate space navy

I'm trying to find a book I read in the early 80's or maybe the late 70's. It had spaceships with engines that used crystals. There was a pirate space navy. They had some kind of tattoos on their ...
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Book about an orphaned Welsh space pirate in a high-gravity world who later visits Wales

About thirty years ago, I read a book about a Welsh boy orphaned in a high-gravity world of pirates. He grew up to become one of them, and later in the story, he visited Wales to explore his origins. ...
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Book with a main character who is kidnapped by space pirates and then trained by aliens to become a spy and assassin

The main character starts in a colony ship which is attacked by pirates his family is killed and he is kidnapped and enslaved by the pirates. The pirates get attacked and killed by a winged, alien ...
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Movie about space pirates that involved putting lots of ball bombs in a space diplomat

I watched it on cable and it was all I can remember. The bad pirate had an eye-patch. Really nice and friendly? I hope someone can remember and point to such a movie. It was emulating Escape from L.A.,...
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Novel of boys time traveling to recover pirate treasure who accidentally meet the pirates

This was a short novel (maybe YA?) that I read back in the 80's or 90's. I'm pretty sure it was part of a series. Legend has it that there's a pirate treasure buried on the beach just outside of town....
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First use of Davy Jones in Scifi and Fantasy Literature

Apparently the Flying Dutchman is believed to be a Dutch man-of-war seen in clouds around the Cape of Good Hope. According to Wikipedia, the origin of Davy Jones is even more vague. So, my question ...
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Series of books about young pirate

I cannot remember the name of a series of books I read when I was young (in 2003-2006). It was about a young boy, a pirate, who was traveling with his crew. There were a lot of planets. It was fun and ...
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Looking for a 1970s/80s children's book about pirates in space

The characters were white, (I don't mean white as in Caucasian, I mean white as in a Casper the friendly ghost or a Moomin or something) cartoon-like things, there was a big floating pirate ship, and ...
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Trilogy about a girl who walks on water

I'm trying to identify a trilogy of (I think YA) novels. The main character was able to walk on water. A different boy also was. I think that the series might have been named after it's word for these ...
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Trying to identify a book from the 80s about space pirates/mercenaries

my brothers and I are desperately trying to identify a book we used to read in the 1980s, but we have very very few details about it. it was about space pirates or mercenaries there was an adamantium ...
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Military sci-fi book: humans forced to demilitarize by alien race(s?), warship with efficient distributed AI system reconditioned for exploration

Things I remember about this book: Humans had been forced by alien race(s) to either demilitarize or severely cut back on military to join galactic community Unknown aliens attacking in Solar System ...
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Book about a teenager who steps though a painting on to a ship

I don't have too much information but I'm looking to identify a series of books that I read back in the late 80's early 90s. The main character is a teenager who steps through a painting onto a ship, ...
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